I Believe I Can Fly

April 6, 2010

I was debating whether or not to put in that last speech bubble, but I decided I didn’t want people to think I killed off a main character.  Especially one who’s nine years old.

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  1. Jessica says:


    Other than that, lol. I love Thurman.

  2. Steve says:

    does this mark the first time thurman used his brain? :O
    Its atleast the first time i can recall him THINKING about something

  3. Kaz says:

    man his face TORE UP the ground…grass must taste good hmmm?…

  4. ChibiRico says:

    Ow indeed. Ow indeed.

    Cartoony-ish strip?, nice.

  5. Mechanical says:

    Good decision to keep the speech bubble, at first glance I thought you decided you were sick of him :P

    That was one AMAZING face-plant

  6. DominicanKing614 says:

    i guess no one noticed that his leg isnt supposed to bend that way either … lol

  7. alasdairisawesome says:

    I believe I can touch the sky
    I think about it every night and day
    Spread my wings and fly away
    I believe I can soar
    I see me running through that open door

  8. Ramon says:

    Epic Fail

  9. Baughbe says:

    Kinda reminds me when a cousin of mine decided he was going to ride an unbroken horse we had. (and no, he wasn’t a pro in any horse sense) His arm kinda ended up in that angle. Any ideas the rest of us kids had in trying something like that quickly evaporated. And just to be sure, Dad sold off both the horses over the next year. Although the reasons may have had more to due with the facts that one learned how to open a locked gate, and the other learned how to jump the fence.

  10. Soul says:


  11. Ghost says:

    I thought it would work.

  12. Pizzasgood says:

    @ Steve: No, I think he also used his brain back when he decided to enter the eating contest. All in all, that was a better idea than this one.

    When I was little, I thought I could take a plastic bag, put my arms through the handles, and use it as a parachute. But I had sense enough to first test the concept with a smaller jump. It didn’t work, so I went back to my LEGOs and enjoyed not needing to get a couple casts and a skin graft.

  13. Kgummy says:

    I wonder if it would have worked if he spelled correctly.

    Probably not, as I don’t think he has quite enough of an imagination to pull it off.

  14. Ow says:

    Either his foot is seriously twisted or Thurman just puts his shoes on the wrong way round sometimes…

  15. Mike says:

    The comic is definitely funny, but what impressed me most on this one was the really epic perspective in that last panel. Stuff like that is hard to get right.

  16. MaddogExplosive says:

    Fantastic coloring on these last couple strips.

    I stopped checking up on this webcomic for a few weeks after it tried to give me a trojan twice! Looks like it’s all fixed up now?

  17. Alex says:

    Yeah, that problem got fixed. If anyone else you know had that problem, tell them so they can come back!

  18. Andrew says:

    The alt-text was exactly what I was thinking before I even read it.

  19. Zt107 says:

    Prototype 0.001 FAIL
    … maybe the next one will have wings?

  20. Rox says:

    I’ve been a recent sucker into your comic lore…and enjoy it all! This ep left my fiance and I laughing whole-heartedly, ’specially cuz Thurman’s sucha prick!! We love the play-on wording, action and hidden comments…please keep it up!!! : )

  21. Viperalist says:

    so lets see broken or dislocated arm dislocated knee and broken or dislocated ankle broken broken wrist and fingers arm and yet of corse a dislocated arm epic fun

  22. Crestlinger says:

    Gravity. Reality’s hitman.

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