What’s in a Name

April 10, 2010

That cheeky monkey.

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  1. Faustus says:

    those are some interesting armbands Penny’s sporting in the second panel; must have been a split-second slip-on. :)

  2. Alex says:

    You know, I make a continuity error in every strip that I have to go back and fix. Literally every one. I thought I caught it this time, when I forgot to add Penny’s freckles until the last minute, but nope. (I just fixed what you said, though) :)

  3. ChibiRico says:

    I’d go to a band called You’re mom :D And also nice shirt O.O I want one like that lol

  4. Mike says:

    I’ve had the phrase “cheeky monkey” stuck in my head all day. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

  5. Gerben says:

    Please make a “Don’t read this shirt. Stop it.” shirt!

  6. Baughbe says:

    According to a news article I heard just last week, the matter of band names is heading for a crisis. It seems all the good names have been taken and new bands have to scramble to find anything that hasn’t been used before. Of course this was a news article, so it must be taken with a grain of salt. Might I suggest one?

    Foo Foo’s Suspicious Sausage

  7. Spenser says:

    It feels smart, to me, to say that the name of this incredible band should be something that sounds punk rockish. Multiple words in a band name just end up getting the name shortened on the casual tongue and making it sound gimicky. It is with this thought, that I recomend the name “Rockers.”

  8. Alex says:

    Don’t tell anybody, but that shirt’s in the works :)

  9. LaughingTarget says:

    It’s hard to fathom that there is such a thing as a band name crisis.

  10. The Gay Hare says:

    I suggest you use John Stewart’’s idea… Lesbian Bondage Fiasco

    He just said on the daily show there needs to be a band named that

  11. Pizzasgood says:

    They could be:
    Fake People
    The Oah Band
    Alasdair’s Minions
    The Boo!
    Prock Band
    Niidle-iidle-iddly-EEeeooouuuu YEEAAHH!
    Toothpicks of d00m
    Dnab Knup
    Claws of the Celestial Feline
    Aural Parasites

  12. Baughbe says:

    Hmmm, Nobody picked up on the fact that the news article came out last week? (standing with mouth agape and arms akimbo)

  13. alasdairisawesome says:

    @pizzasgood I dont know who you are but you are right on with calling them alasdair’s minions.

    Alex, like always you put me in the best shirts ever and always capture me and dustins styles perfectly
    …and the fact that you have my mannerisms so goddamn perfect is a little bit scary

  14. Alex says:

    I do what I can

  15. Stonefoot says:

    I’d pay to see (and hear, of course) a band called “O’brien and Company’s Whimsical Good Time Foofaraw” – of course, if I knew Penny was in the band, I’d even pay if were called “Your Mom”!

    And the previous posters have suggested a lot of really good possible names. For anyone who doesn’t know, “Tabemono” is Japanese for… “Food”. So I suggest as another possible name “Food”. Or the one Kate already has a shirt for: “Music Band” (and I still want that shirt, too!).

  16. Tommi says:

    When I was in high school there was a band called
    “Hiram High School’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Feel-Good Fun Time Band”
    . . .

    They were amazing.
    So, I’m gonna have to support Penny’s name suggestion.

  17. kay.lea. says:

    I think there is actually a band caleld ‘Your Mum’. Well several actually… I was bored and browsing once


  18. I do not have time to wait for the “don’t read this shirt. stop it” shirt. I must make one myself. For the love of noodles, that is funny.

    Then I will buy one. I promise.

  19. Jarrod says:

    Ok I just recently discovered your web comic here so I know I’m almost a year late in this post.

    My band does some shows every now and then as a cover band called “Your Mom”. You’d be surprised how well it actually goes over!

  20. Viperalist says:

    O’Brien ha she is Irish (well of Irish desent) that sorts it , i mean the hair the name the brains the ehem.. the drinking ha stereotypes are fun. ok i admit it not everyone in ireland is not ginger or red head or always drunk

  21. lizzel says:

    whatever happened to infernal jazz malarkey?

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