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April 15, 2010

One day they’ll get it together.  Just not… soon.


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  1. Deccer says:

    So now she’s skipping ahead in the script? Oh that Penny, she can put a spin on just about anything.

  2. Krimson says:

    “Penzelope O’Booyah” is the greatest stage name EVER.

  3. James says:

    Durrrrr sounds like a band I would go see.

    Also, four different time signatures at once is awesome. To the max.

  4. ChibiRico says:

    Penzelope O.O??? Yeah, they would probably have been ”exploring new territoy” of music alright O.O I demand an audio of that!

  5. Mike says:

    I love that you have that article actually typed out, but the one to the right is just gibberish.

  6. legumious says:

    Where’s my income tax comic? D:

  7. Max says:

    O’Booyah is one kick ass last name. I kinda wish that was my last name.

  8. Everyone wishes they had the last name O’Booyah. I’m going to legally change my last name to that.

  9. Euri says:

    What, no .mp3 of this song?
    I guess it wasn’t as good, huh?

  10. Alex says:

    There’s no .mp3 because I can’t sing like a girl.

  11. GUIGUI says:

    Any reason there is no saturday update?

  12. Alex says:

    (Psst… read the blog posts on the front page)

  13. GUIGUI says:

    OK, I missed it because the 15 april news was before the 17 april news.

  14. GUIGUI says:

    Actually, I am reading the blog and see nowhere infos about it (except for the delay at march 5)

  15. legumious says:

    You are correct in that Alex totally failed to explain his lack of comic. Have no fear though; I know where he lives. I shall pee on his tires. He’ll never see it coming, since no doubt he’ll be busy weakly protesting that selling shirts for extra profit isn’t a lame cop-out :P


  16. Alex says:

    Actually, you’re right, GUIGUI. I deleted he explanation post when I put up the T-Shirt post, because the explanation post said I wasn’t updating because of the T-Shirt thing. So, sorry about that. But basically, I had to use the time I would have used to update in order to work on the T-Shirts.

    Legumious, this shirt thing has taken a lot of time out of my schedule which is already busy because of my senior project. Also, I don’t consider trying to make more than a dollar a day off this site “extra” profit- it’s trying to make it so I can continue drawing this stuff when I graduate and have to try and make enough money to survive. Plus, a lot of fans have told me they want t-shirts!

    I hope I’m not sounding mean or greedy talking about this, but printing t-shirts is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

    …And I know where YOU live too so if you pee on my car I’m going to burn down your house. F’realz.

  17. GUIGUI says:

    Thanks a lot for the infos. Hope your T-shirts sell well

  18. legumious says:

    …and I’ll shave a smiley face in your hair and I’ll unplug your Rock Band mic and I’ll bend the grounding prong on all your electronics and I’ll install Windows on your Mac and I’ll put your dog on your head while you sleep!

  19. Alex says:

    I will sneeze on your salad.

  20. legumious says:

    You always take it a step too far…

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