Two Hundred?

April 29, 2010

Hooray! Two hundred… and nine strips.  Keep up the good, uh… reading, fans.  Much more fun to come.

That’s my desk at school, by the way.  The illustration studio is a cramped place- most of the stuff to the left isn’t mine.

Oh, and Looney Tunes are copyright Time Warner inc, and all that.

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  1. Erzago says:

    This comic has brought back unpleasant memories of watching old reruns of cartoons. Congratulations!

  2. vivacherise says:

    i have that episode on a bugs bunny collection… vhs… whatever a vhs is.

  3. Euri says:

    And I hope there’s a million more strips to come! Keep up the great work, Alex! =D

  4. Soul says:

    she’s so adorable when she is being suck a prick :3

  5. ChibiRico says:

    Ah! I remember that one :D And once again Penny is awesome and shatters reality.

  6. CK says:

    Oh god I feel old for getting this comic. (Read: Remembering that cartoon in minute detail.)


  7. Teddy says:

    Do you really have a computer like that?

  8. Baughbe says:

    You’ll need 100 more to hold that pass against the enemy.

  9. Jay says:

    Good work!!

  10. Maarvarq says:

    Given my previous praise for Penny’s fourth-wall breaking antics, you will be unsurprised to learn that Duck Amuck is my favourite WB cartoon of all. I caught a glimpse of the last panel out of order and suspected you might be referencing it, which the penultimate panel confirmed!

  11. Emily says:

    I freakin’ love Looney Tunes 8]

  12. SweetnessMcGee says:

    Awesome! nice homage to chuck Jones Warners toones
    Keep up the good work sir!

  13. MaddogExplosive says:

    Very nice! For some reason, there’s a charm that this comic has that all the other webcomics I read are lacking these days.

  14. Jessica says:

    omg, I love this. Perfect.

  15. Kellan says:

    Love the Looney Tunes reference =)

  16. M0nk3m4n says:

    Hahaaa, well she’s better than ol’ Bugs in every way, can’t lose with that.
    However she’s part of a much newer thing & probably has more evil in
    her than Bugs was able due to standards…yeah Alex is screwed.
    (Back to reality)
    YEAH SO, 200! Way to go, Alex dude! JUST DON’T STOP ANYTIME SOON.

  17. B0Bo says:

    Sooo…. Penny’s the main character now?

  18. D Hue says:

    Well done, sir, well done.

  19. Zeldanemesis says:

    I loved this comic. Not that I don’t love your others. This one just brings back fond memories of watching cartoons back when they were funny and entertaining, not like most of the cartoons they air now.

    Also, I didn’t know Penny was a lefty.

  20. Max says:

    I suspect that along with all of Penny’s other bad-asseries, she is probably omni-dexterous. Also, I too loved watching Loony Tunes as a kid, and Duck Amuck was one of my favorites.

  21. Stonefoot says:

    Epic comic and a fitting tribute to an epic cartoon (and, of course, the people who created it).

    And it looks to me like Alex is probably now the main character, and Penny is the artist. That could be pretty bad for everybody, considering her sense of humor (as demonstrated above). But since Alex had to break the fourth wall to get into the comic, hopefully he can break it again and get out. But what will he look like? If Penny’s “redraw” sticks, he’s in big trouble!

    Oh, and Penny’s a real barrier breaker so she’s probably ambidextrous. (Or ambisinistrous?)

  22. Stonefoot says:

    Well, Max, you got in ahead of me while I was taking too long to type, but as a loyal member of the sinistro-chauvinist league I would prefer “omni-sinistrous” to “omni-dextrous”. :O

    But whatever we call it, I think you’re right that she is… er… whatever….

  23. Alex says:

    Penny’s left-handed.

  24. The Dark Sheep says:


    I guess some aniversary merchandise is in order? Like a huge poster featuring a picture of Penny for example (hint, hint)?

  25. Looney Tunes is beast…..

  26. Andrew says:

    Now the only question is when will the “200!” shirt become available?

  27. Julian says:

    I’ve been reading this since the beginning. Great artistry in this one. Nice job on the 200th comic!

  28. mr.clueless says:

    I JUST noticed the ‘Screw Baseball’ on the flag D:

  29. Alex says:

    It’s “screwball”. It was what was on the flag in the original cartoon.

  30. Devilmark says:

    mmm…love the homage to that Bugs and Daffy cartoon. That one is actually my favorite one. I loved to see it come on, because it was hilarious. ‘Duck Amuck’ was what it was called, if I remember correctly.

  31. IndigoRei says:

    Wait! So, Penny is the box voice? This puts 156 in a whole new perspective.

  32. Radar says:

    I just started reading this comic from the beginning. Hit this one and laughed out loud. Loony Toons are the best. Love the Loony Toons reference. Keep up the good work.

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