Dr. Hugglebear McLearnington

May 22, 2010

Whew. Late at night, but done.

New story on Monday!

Also, have you guys seen that I’m selling shirts now? ‘cuz I am.

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  1. The Dark Sheep says:

    Hey! You didn’t do something to Kate did you? I think she looks different somehow though I can’t put my finger on exactly what. Perhaps it’s just me being paranoid because of what you did to Herman, but until you are proven unguilty you can decorate yourself with a new personal title: Redesigning Creep.

  2. Tabularoinak says:

    @Dark Sheep: I think it’s just that she’s smiling, something we don’t see very often. Heh.
    Man, I’ve gotta keep this in mind in case I obtain some children.

  3. pizzasgood says:

    Nah, she’s just smiling.

  4. Alex says:

    Both of their hairstyles have changed a little bit, but that’s it.

  5. bob the hobo says:

    Will the deceit never end Alex?! When we cant trust a webcomic what can we trust?!

  6. Spenser says:

    I trust you, Alex. I’m eagerly awaiting the day that the redesigns you put forth before (a minicomic a little while ago) come to be reality!

  7. ChibiRico says:

    Aweseome plushie is awesome :D and as someone mentionned before, yeah, Kate doesn’t smile often ._.

  8. Ryan from work says:

    I think I had a toy like that when I was little… maybe its not good that I can relate to this comic.

  9. Stonefoot says:

    “Do your friggin’ homework!” That bear is soooo cute! But I bet jumping up and down on it a few times would make it even better…. ;-)

  10. Master Chief says:

    It would be funnier if he used the actual “fuck” instead of what he said. The way this doesn’t work is that “friggin’” is a self-censored word. It sounds as though the bear thinks it shouldn’t swear. That undoes the entire joke. If the bit is that something that shouldn’t be profane is being profane, make it profane.

  11. Alex says:

    I see your point, and I’ll be honest, I did self-censor when I put this cartoon up. At the beginning of Out at Home, I made a conscious effort to be “PG-13″ and only use language that could be shown on network TV. Why? I’m… not really sure, actually.

    Looking back, I can see that there really isn’t a point to do this anymore. I used to think that keeping up boundaries for myself would be good in keeping my stories from getting too outrageous. But, after writing the strip for a year and a half, I’ve found that my good ideas really aren’t offensive thematically at all.

    What you’ve said is something I’ve heard before, and it’s something I’m going to deal with, somehow, in my strips in the future. I hope this strip doesn’t turn you off my comic entirely- I’m always working hard to improve my work, and hey, maybe you’ll enjoy what I do next. I do appreciate your honesty, and I’m glad you could find a way to address your concern without just calling me a dick and leaving it at that (I’m looking at YOU, internet.) I don’t know if you’ll end up reading this at any point, but hell, I guess I just feel like typing tonight.

    P.S. What the hell is behind all of my comments? I didn’t write the page code, so I have no idea. Is it like a… spider…bat?

  12. Steve says:

    i always though the rorschach behind your comments was intentional
    seeing as you are the admin :)

  13. Zombieman! says:

    I don’t know what Master Chief is talking about, i think that it was funny as it is! As if a parent would buy a toy that curses to his kid…

    Its funny as it is Alex trust me, damn it!

  14. Master Chief says:

    I have been reading your comic for quite some time. This isn’t going to change that. I just wanted to throw you a bit of constructive criticism. It’s the least I can do, considering I’ve been entertained by you for so long.


    I think that picture looks like a demon.

  15. MikeDB says:

    I’ve actually used frig, frik and frak (still waiting on frell to show up in my vocab); doesn’t bother me in the slightest to see it.

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