Who Has Done It Pt. 6

June 5, 2010

:-O !!!!!! Look what just happened?????? Did you see that????? Things are getting pretty heavy now. Do you think you know where this story is going? Well, you don’t. (Unless you’re one of the people I told, in which case you do.) And don’t worry, this is as dramatic as it’s going to get.

As for the “shit” finally hitting the fan, well, I thought it was about time I stopped censoring myself in terms of the dialogue I write. There have been numerous times when I would say “Oh, Thurman would say THIS” or “Kate would totally say THAT” but have had to water it down and dilute the impact of a joke because of my self-imposed pg-13 language limit. Now, this doesn’t mean I’ll suddenly start dropping f-bombs left and right, but if I feel it’s relevant to the character and story, you might see some saltier language than you’re used to. There’s no censorship on the internet, so I don’t see a reason to hinder my creative process for the five people that haven’t seen profanity online. The way I see it, the tone of the strip will stay the same, but the vocabulary just expanded by a few words.

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  1. Mike says:

    Even with the drama, the last panel made me laugh out loud.

  2. pizzasgood says:

    So Thurman took down a laser-bear singlehandedly? He’s earned a bit more of my respect.

    Kate needs to STFU and just put her phone on silent like everybody else instead of being a whiny non-male canine. If I were Herman I would go bake some cookies for me and Thurman to remember the bear by, and not share them with the crabby person. Or better – I would BUY cookies AND icecream, and then also hire one of those house-moving companies get the house moved to someplace different while Kate was away. Nothing like coming home after an argument to see an empty lot where your house was. : ]

    Also, is that an observatory on top of their house?

  3. Andrew says:

    Well, bears are the number one threat to America. Thurman did everyone a favor.

  4. Alex says:

    Mike- That’s really the point of the strip- obviously I’m not going to play a dramatic moment in the story totally straight, that’d be nuts. The drama in the middle makes the punchline funnier, I think.

  5. PeTaters! says:

    I’m so offended i forgot to laugh….

    wait…. no i didn’t. HAR HAR.

  6. LaughingTarget says:


    That looks more like a greenhouse/Thurman’s missile silo.

  7. Robert C B says:

    “The bear blew up.”
    Quite possibly the greatest sentence in the history of spoken language!
    Why is it so great? Because it made me spray Dr Pepper EVERYWHERE!!

  8. Xel`Naga says:

    I thought this was a very good strip.

    I must say I disagree with Pizza, as strange as that may sound. I understand why Kate is so frustrated with her father. I think she has a right to feel that way. It can’t be easy having a dad who messes things up like that. After all, parents are the ones who are supposed to have everything under control. They’re the ones who their kids will look to to be rock solid when things get hard.

    On the other hand, I do feel sorry for Herman, because his heart certainly in the right place. He just didn’t think it all the way through. :/ The second to last panel really does it for me. It just seems to capture just how dejected Herman must feel in this situation.

    I must say Alex, you are doing a great job. Absolutely fantastic work with your character development and storytelling. I am thoroughly impressed. :)

  9. Xel`Naga says:

    Also, as far as language goes, you could be swearing like a sailor and it wouldn’t affect my affection for the Out-At-Home comics.

  10. Bill J says:

    I have to say, Alex, as much as I like your strip – maybe because I like the strip so much – I was disappointed to see the cussing.

    It’s your decision as a creator as to whether to include that in your work. But you should be aware that by including that kind of content in your strip, you will be excluding a significant segment of the population from joining (or remaining a part of ) your audience.

  11. Alex says:

    Bill, I understand your objection, and this wasn’t something I jumped into lightly. It’s something I’ve heard as a criticism before and I decided it was in my best interest to take that barrier down. And, like I said before, the tone of the strip remains the same- There isn’t going to be frontal nudity or excessive gore all of a sudden.

    That said, I’m of the camp that the words themselves aren’t as important as the content behind them. I used “shit” in this situation because it best conveys how strongly Kate feels about her father’s ill-fated intervention into her affairs. The fact that she chose that word, especially to say to her dad, amplifies the frustration that you can see she’s feeling.

    Finally, I’m not suddenly going to turn into south park (Which I like, but that’s neither here nor there). I might drop a curse here or there, but just in those situations where I feel it best serves the joke, or the story, or the character. Keep reading for a while, and I think you’ll see that what matters- the content- is worth sticking around for.

  12. Ryan from work says:

    I almost feel bad, after that major fight between father and daughter, that I laughed when Thurman’s bear blew up…almost.

  13. ChibiRico says:

    So the bear skyrocketed and exploded? Does that mean the drama is skyrocketing and will explode?!?

  14. Alex says:


  15. Max says:

    I don’t know, I’ve read plenty of comics that used to censor the cussing or just not use it and then start putting it in there. I never even notice it until they say something about it. Swearing just doesn’t phase me. And I agree, any other word, with the exception of a few other four lettered words, just wouldn’t cut it.

  16. Mr. Grey says:

    There are only two things to say that can relieve most of the tension…

    “The bear blew up.”


    “It’s all in the hips~ It’s all in the hips~”

  17. Lefty says:

    Hey Alex, love the comic so far, been reading for a while :)

    Just had a quick suggestion for Thurman’s last line, perhaps this might work better:

    “Well, the bear’s dead.”

    On 2 different levels:

    1. Thurman would be saying this as if he sort of expected it, the way a kid knows that all his toys eventually end up broken.

    2. By not explicitly saying the bear blew up, the audience can see Thurman’s charred appearance and blown back hair and come to their own conclusion that the bear died horribly, most likely in a freak explosion.

    Just my 2 cents, keep up the great work :)

  18. Rabid Turkey says:

    i like the top down view in panel 3, as well as the lighting in panel 7, and, of course, The bear blew up…. oh dear god i laughed so hard…. Keep up the great work Alex :D

  19. Alexander says:

    Cursing is a gateway… It won’t stop there, it never stops there. First some language, then its “fuckity fuck fucker fuck McFuck” every other strip. Then boobs. Lots and lots of boobs, followed quickly by gratuitous sex and gory violence. Next thing you know everyone is on the drugs and whoring themselves out for their next fix, until finally someone gets shot in the face.

    Or maybe that was just my high school…

  20. James says:

    You hear that? That’s the sound of the drama of this comic going up to 11.
    “The bear blew up.”
    Okay now it’s back to 1.

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