Who Has Done It Pt. 6

June 5, 2010

:-O !!!!!! Look what just happened?????? Did you see that????? Things are getting pretty heavy now. Do you think you know where this story is going? Well, you don’t. (Unless you’re one of the people I told, in which case you do.) And don’t worry, this is as dramatic as it’s going to get.

As for the “shit” finally hitting the fan, well, I thought it was about time I stopped censoring myself in terms of the dialogue I write. There have been numerous times when I would say “Oh, Thurman would say THIS” or “Kate would totally say THAT” but have had to water it down and dilute the impact of a joke because of my self-imposed pg-13 language limit. Now, this doesn’t mean I’ll suddenly start dropping f-bombs left and right, but if I feel it’s relevant to the character and story, you might see some saltier language than you’re used to. There’s no censorship on the internet, so I don’t see a reason to hinder my creative process for the five people that haven’t seen profanity online. The way I see it, the tone of the strip will stay the same, but the vocabulary just expanded by a few words.

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