Who Has Done It Pt. 7

June 8, 2010

Black and white for now, colors coming at some point later. You’ll see the next comic before I color this one so I don’t get too far behind.

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  1. Ozzie says:

    Who, beside Penny, is holding her back in the last panel?

  2. bob the hobo says:

    Pennies rage and frustration brought on by the ho-bag has brought me hours of tireless laughter that i will treasure for days to come! Good job Alex! :D

  3. Mike says:

    The alt text reminded me of this.

    Such a classic joke. Also Kate’s last line is hilarious.

  4. Rabid Turkey says:

    i love that last panel XD

  5. Zeldanemesis says:

    I love Kate’s “conversations” (not sure that their crude name calling can be called a conversation) with Skye. I hope we get to see more interaction between them in this arc.

  6. Ryuzhin says:

    That insult was the most amazing thing uttered EVER!

  7. Teddy says:

    I coloured it for you so now you dnt have to worry about it!
    PS are you hiring?

  8. pizzasgood says:

    Looks like Magic-Marker-Hair has learned a valuable lesson: Only pick on people when there are not stairs nearby.

    I do hope they bother to give the bear a proper funeral. Poor guy. He only managed to survive long enough to appear in one strip before his untimely end. He will never be forgotten.

  9. Lor says:

    … That last panel? Yeah that was me like a year ago. Two of my friends had to drag me away before I pounced on my step-sister in school. 0.o

  10. Teddy says:

    That sounds very wrong

  11. Zephi says:

    Two years later… no color! Just sayin!

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