Who Has Done It Pt. 14

June 25, 2010

The best technology the budget would allow.

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  1. Chameon says:

    “Yeah…umm…is it ok if I insist on getting a psychological health note to skip out on gym anymore….please?”

  2. Mike says:

    That’s really creepy. Also, that evidence is circumstantial at best if you can’t positively identify the person allegedly depicted.

    Yes, I come from a family of lawyers, why do you ask?

  3. Xel`Naga says:

    Mike, it’s Alex’s story and he can condemn his characters to hard time or even DEATH on circumstantial evidence if he wants :P

    The figure could have looked like a talking monkey in a banana suit, and that would be enough for a conviction in the wacky world of internet comics =D

    Btw Alex, now that the idea is out there, I totally expect you to incorporate a banana suit monkey in at least a single panel of one of your future comics. Maybe a poster on a wall, or one of Thurman’s shirts? In the words of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, “Make It So”.

  4. Andy says:

    Is the lawyer guy actually modelled on Gregory Peck, or is it just a happy coincidence?

    Yes, I don’t come from a family of lawyers. I do, however, remember watching To Kill a Mockingbird for GCSE english lit

  5. Mr. Grey says:

    @Mike: All you need is circumstantial evidence and a very compelling argument. Decisive evidence be damned.

    I have to wonder what new character Alex is going to pull out of his hat… or if that’s Ordog Tunaep.

  6. Krimson says:

    @Andy: That canNOT be a coincidence. That right there is a spitting image of Atticus Finch (I mean, just look at that jaw!), and I’ll be damned if his figure wasn’t modeled after Mr. Peck.

    Alex, my love for this comic just shot up fifty million points with this addition.

  7. LaughingTarget says:

    Only Peck would be manly enough to wear that suit in public.

  8. Ryguy987 says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, behold, THE AWESOME CHIN OF JAY LENO! Yeah, I know the lawyer there isn’t supposed to be modeled after him, but for some reason the chin just shouted “Jay Leno” to me.

    Good Comic, as usual!

  9. Ray says:

    Glad I’m not the only one going, hey, that’s Atticus Finch.

  10. To Kill A Mockingbird says:

    Egads! How can Kate possibly win the case if Atticus Finch is the prosecuting attorney! We all know is charisma and keen intellect are overwhelming!

  11. Noah says:

    Um. This is kind of a statement. In an older filler comic. Alex showed Penny’s sister. And she apparently was the “exact opposite of Penny.” So assuming that Penny is the “good” sister, then the other one would presumably the bad one. Therefore, the killer was most likely Penny’s sister. XB

  12. Gnat says:

    But wouldn’t the video be inadmissible as evidence because it was recorded illegally?

  13. dcs says:


    In the immortal words of MST3K (paraphrased):

    “Repeat to yourself,
    ‘it’s just a webcomic’,
    I should really just relax . . .”

  14. pizzasgood says:

    Was it recorded illegally? That is a question which will be conveniently answered in the next case, after they get done using it in this one.

  15. Xel`Naga says:

    @Andy & Krimson: You’re totally right. It is the exact image of Gregory Peck/Atticus Finch. Right down to the suit that he wore!

    See for yourself!

  16. Crestlinger says:

    ‘…taken on that horrible. HORRIBLE. Camera.’

  17. Twinkletoes says:

    Why did they put a camera there if lockers blocked most of it?
    I mean, why not put it in a place with better visibility? Disguise it as a gym bag and you’l be laughin’ ;D

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