Who Has Done It Pt. 21

July 17, 2010

I used an interrobang in this strip.

Interrobang is a funny word. Interrobang interrobang interrobang.

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  1. James says:

    My favorite strip so far in this story. Especially Kate’s face in the last panel! Can’t wait to figure this all out.

  2. McGee says:

    Skye’s mom looks like Donatella Versacie, I know I butchered the spelling of the name but you get the idea. Well done sir.

  3. Dave says:

    That’s not an interrobang; an interrobang is a single, integrated piece of punctuation.

  4. bbot says:

    That isn’t an interrobang, an interrobang is a single character: ‽

  5. Mystify says:

    Interrobang: ‽
    What you did: !?

  6. Ryguy987 says:

    Skye’s parents are the second richest and most connected people in the state… why do I have the feeling that they’re going to pay off the judges in the end?

  7. Dallas Wilke says:

    I think Skye did it. Heheh. She faked her own death. Unless I’m forgetting some irrefutable piece of evidence earlier.

  8. Lulzmania says:

    They found her body stabbed a whole bunch, didn’t they? Unless I’m misremembering…

  9. ChibiRico says:

    For some reason I imagined the father looking like Fabio with a pornstache. I don’t even know why I got that image ._. He got one damn nose, though, and looks pissed while is wife kind of looks like she’s M’eh-ing. The mother is exactly what I expected, an older version of Skye. With ubber hugue glasses. Seriously, they’re like half her head xD

    Some of the shadowy silouhette in the public looks like ConeHeads xD or is it just me?

  10. legumious says:


  11. Avatar_Sucked93 says:

    Dave, Bbot, Mystify:

    so, you were so sure alex got interrobang wrong you didn’t even look it up?


  12. Avatar_Sucked93 says:

    ^… My bad!

  13. Avatar_Sucked93 says:

    ^ still tho. you guys are pedants!

  14. RomanXVII says:

    Her father looks like Nixon…

    “I am not a crook!”


  15. Avatar_Sucked93 says:

    He reminds me more of Dan Hedaya (Carla’s husband in Cheers)

  16. legumious says:


  17. chucklyinacrunch74 says:


    they’re right. what he used isn’t an interrobang, it’s just “!?”

    the only place that’s really considered an interrobang is algebraic chess notation. and that’s according to the link you posted. i’m not sure why you think they’re wrong, but… they aren’t.

    but hey, it’s not like whether it’s an interrobang or not changes the whole meaning of the strip.

  18. Baughbe says:

    When you get down to it, usage defines the rules. So lets make some up! If everybody uses them, then it becomes the standard.

    (&) Used at end of run-on sentences. Denotes that neither part contained anything of value other than that they were connected by a run-on.

    ~! For very mild emphasis.

    ~? For rhetorical questions.

    ^*^ Denotes either a statement that the speaker will refuse to listen to counter arguments, or a bat.

    I think that it would be a great idea if we all started using these ^*^

  19. bob the hobo says:

    The previous comments have left me with nothing more to say… its for the best i suppose though! :D

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