Who Has Done It Pt. 22

July 20, 2010

In this comic, I use ordinary punctuation.


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  1. Rabid Turkey says:

    Does the … count as ordinary punctuation?

  2. Zombie-man says:

    That is funny! I don’t mind Kate’s coming for me!

  3. Benga1986 says:

    She’s coming for me!? OH MY GOD!!
    (dives behind couch)

  4. Vortices says:

    After the commercial break we will tell you what she will bring with her to implement your doom and how you can prepare.

  5. ChibiRico says:

    How not to look suspicious.Or something, I have no idea if what I said means what I think it does and what it to. @.@ Errr…


  6. Lanagor says:

    Oh… he’s good.

    BTW Rabid Turkey the … is an ellipsis and is counted as ‘normal’ punctuation

  7. Maarvarq says:

    That’s OK, I’m not in that room :)

  8. Brandenfascher says:

    … Not unless he also knows how to break the 4th wall.

  9. DTanza says:

    I have a theory that all lawyers in this comic are aware they are in a comic except for Penny’s mother, in her case it skipped a generation.

  10. pizzasgood says:

    She never threatened Skye. She threatened Skye’s poor innocent donkey. Truly, she has a heart of coal.

  11. Stonefoot says:

    Ellipsis is not only standard punctuation, it’s also a company. Their domain name is “dotdotdot.com” (and I have no connection to them).

  12. chucklyinacrunch74 says:

    and suddenly, the only relevance Out at Home will ever have is punctuation usage… :P

  13. Sio says:

    you can look up the uses of this elusive bit of punctuation at www dot dot dot dot dot com. Not to be confused with http://www.ellipsis.com. That’s some site a guy who couldn’t spell set up about lopsided circles.

  14. Crestlinger says:

    Piled Higher and Deeper.

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