Who Has Done It Pt. 23

July 22, 2010


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  1. RomanXVII says:

    Why is she wearing sunglasses in court, and how did Thurman get fireworks into a courthouse???

  2. Mike says:


    Because obviously she is the kind of person who also wears her sunglasses at night. Also, I’m pretty sure fireworks and matches wouldn’t set off a metal detector.

  3. ChibiRico says:

    Hey dad, can I blow sh!t up with those bombs?
    Yeah sure, whatever. Bring me back a souvenir.

    How to be a good parent!

    Also, why would she wrote that on a blog? Seems pretty weird, but I’m no blogger, so yeah.

  4. Bah says:

    Blogs/Facebook/LiveJournals were made for angsty revelations

    Also, Herman has initiated mass speculation time! Let’s see, she’d do ANYTHING for her daughter? Like help her fake her own murder and pin it on her worst enemy in a vain attempt to make up for years of emotional neglect? The plot…it is boiling.

  5. Interjected says:

    I really hope it’s that Rocket Bear that took out Skye. Maybe it was a plot for the two of them to run off together. They did seem to disappear around the same time!

  6. Izzy says:


  7. BeamStalk says:

    @Interjected – I have been saying that all along. The Rocket Bear plus Super Hitler in collaboration!

  8. bob the hobo says:

    The terrible terrible voices must fit in with this somewhere if super hitler is involved!!

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