Who Has Done It Pt. 28

August 10, 2010

Yes, I realize that’s the movie version of Atticus Finch, but it was still a very famous book! And what do you expect from me? COHERENCE? Bah.

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  1. Jeff Weiner says:

    Literary amusement park. Riiiiiiiiiight!

  2. Chameon says:

    Seriously, who wants to go and hang out in a L.A.P.? Much less a F.L.A.P.

  3. Lanagor says:

    Lol the door says do not enter, and as an extra precaution, calls the perpetrator a jerk as punishment for doing so. that is one harsh door.

  4. Zeldanemesis says:

    It seems to me like calling someone a jerk would just serve to encourage them to want to enter, just to spite you. Maybe that’s just me, though.

  5. LaughingTarget says:

    Right, if you really don’t want anyone to enter, tell them to come in.

  6. tim gueguen says:

    It’s surprising someone with more money than sense hasn’t tried to buy a chunk of Somalia from some warlord and set up their own private country.

  7. Mike says:

    I like how no one has stopped or arrested her yet. It’s like they realize she’s busy monologuing, and they have to wait for the right moment.

  8. ChibiRico says:

    I noticed the robot thing is mimicking her movement? Or am I seeing things? Like in pannel 1, when they can be assumed to be downward since they can’t be seen, and then in 3 upward like she is. xD

    Also, Somalia? That reminds me of the south park episode where Cartmans and some other become Somalian Pirates xD And couldn’t she like, just buy the damn country already, why the hell would she wants to fake her death. She would be found out anyway, if she baught or whatever the country and be a ”queen”, I’m pretty they would talk about this in the news or something.

  9. pizzasgood says:

    Yeah, but she could tell the news reporters a different name. Nobody pays much attention to which yellow-haired orange chick is which, and if she’s already considered dead, nobody will be wondering where she went to cause them to pay any undue attention to them.

    I like how in the end, the lawyer really did look that way for a reason, instead of just being an artistic joke. Nothing against artistic jokes though.

  10. BeamStalk says:

    I would have checked out the Mockingbird Skeet Shooting Booth…

    just saying

  11. Zombie-man says:

    If a door called me a Jerk I would totally open in it!! That door! who does she think it is???

    Literary amusement park… I have to steal that idea!!

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