Who Has Done It Pt. 30

August 14, 2010


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  1. Mystify says:

    I love it. Great plot. A+.

  2. ChibiRico says:

    Mind = Blown @.@

    And you know what, that actually make sense. Sort off.
    You can just tell Skye is going insane at the last pannel xD

  3. Tim says:

    I just don’t get what’s going on in the first panel.

  4. Matallic says:

    This is one of those “You didn’t ask moments”

    Why didn’t you tell me you had an awesome arcade in your basement?

    You didn’t ask.

  5. Deskman says:

    Tim, she’s climbing in the dumpster to put on the atticus suit

  6. Jackie-o says:

    I think Photoshop sometime crashes because of not having enough ram or it could be a problem with photoshop its self, like needing to reinstall the program.

  7. Mike says:

    See? Monologue over, police move in to arrest. Happens every time.

  8. Benga1986 says:

    Panel 4 shows the exact moment Skye realises she may have revealed her diabolical plan (I love that word, diabolical. Diabolical!) a little too soon.

    Diabolical, diabolical, diabolical, diabolical, diabolical, diabolical!


  9. Jeff Weiner says:

    Ha! Dynamite plot twist, Alex! And we owe it all to Herman’s incredible denseness!

  10. APic says:

    This is now my favourite strip in hte whole run of the comic. ^_^

  11. APic says:

    Also, do you know when you’ll get around to colouring in strip 220? You said you would at some point.

  12. Zombie-man says:

    Sooooo the ink is not perfect in this stage of the drawing???? YES!!! Keep feeding me with more of your artistic secrets so I can use them as my own!!!!

    Soon the world of online comics is going to be mine!!! And it was thanks to you, Alex Wendzel! ! ! !

    Nice, now the I have to see the color version… to gain more power and stuff

  13. LaughingTarget says:

    Adobe and Apple have been on bad terms lately so Adobe has been reducing their efforts on the Mac platform. Adobe started optimizing for Windows over Mac to access a larger market share. Apple was upset at not having the best PhotoShop platform anymore and cut support. Adobe responded in kind. It’s basically a childish corporate spat that has resulted in deteriorated PS quality on the Mac platform.

  14. TheCat says:

    @LaughingTarget: Yes, but that wouldn’t effect him unless he’d recently updated his OS or Photoshop. But, since we’re blaming Adobe, Jobs did say that Flash is the number-one cause of a Mac crashing. Maybe Alex was watching Flash animations in the background?

  15. McGee says:

    panel 2 – is it just me or has axe Cop put on some weight?

  16. LaughingTarget says:

    TheCat -

    Maybe, but I suspect it’s just the spat taking things to the extreme. It’s highly unlikely that an Internet protocol is the top cause of Mac stability problems. The news coming out just as the strife was just starting to heat up makes me not believe Jobs. He is a notorious exaggerator.

    Then gain, I do find it surprising that the company would publicly come out and admit their platform isn’t absolutely perfect. Apple has basically held a company policy that their products are 100% flawless. So it’s possible there may be something to it.

  17. Zombie-man says:

    Dude, no offense but this strip looks really lazy. . . specially the backgrounds and I tough that you were going to correct the inking in the last panel. . . I know that you may be busy and that’s the reason of this, but just giving my opinion

  18. Kgummy says:

    Looks like she needs some anti-red eye treatment there. Either that or a blood vessel popped.

  19. BeamStalk says:

    Awesome ending, I am still laughing.

  20. RomanXVII says:


  21. Sarawrr says:

    She has pink eye…. O.o

  22. Nick says:

    All I can say is that is the funniest thing I have ever read. Now I need to get back up in my chair, misses doesn’t like my typing from the floor.

  23. Mike D. says:

    You can just hear the Snap her brain makes… followed by the eye twitch.

  24. SPVTW says:

    I love the Motto for the Dumpster! DUMPCO “It’s Like A Hotel For Garbage”

  25. Max says:

    I don’t know if anyone’s pointed this out yet or not, and I realize it’s just a comic, but I’m failing to see why she didn’t just go to where ever it was she was planning on going after faking her death.

  26. tim gueguen says:

    I’m guessing she wanted to make sure Kate ended up in jail.

    Given what happened with Mim’s Christmas plot it seems Herman generates some sort of scheme disruption field that causes any evil scheme launched against him or his family to fall apart due to plotter ineptitude.

  27. ChibiRico says:

    @Max : Yeah, I did on strip 241 xD and I’m pretty sure at least some other people have done too.

    Also, am I not seeing/noticing something or does Skye always have the same set of clothes in pretty much every pannel? Each time I see her, she seems to have the same clothes (What I call the Anime/Manga/Comic/Cartoon/VideoGame/Prettymuchanything disease of having one set of cloths for they’re live)

  28. Lanagor says:

    LOL I so knew that was gonna happen.

  29. taiming says:

    I am guessing she will get off lightly 1 because she didn’t kill anyone and 2 because she rich. I will guess she get 90 days but serves only 2.

  30. Crestlinger says:

    Isn’t that the same expression that Mim had when she tried to poison him, then tipped him off on it?

  31. lizzel says:

    skye has obviously forgotten one of the most important rules of law
    you are innocent until proven guilty
    then for about another ten minutes after that

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