Who Has Done It Pt. 31

August 17, 2010

After looking at how crappy the last strip looked, I made sure to take extra care in the creation of this one.

This story will wrap up this week with a couple of epilogue strips next week, then one-offs again (remember those?) for a few weeks.

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  1. BeamStalk says:

    I don’t think the email for corrections works…

  2. Nurian says:

    HEY! How did you get my email address?

  3. Zombie-man says:

    Now this one I like! Keep the good work!

  4. Zro says:

    What? The last strip looked perfect :(

  5. Mike says:

    I’m really digging how varied your expressions are, here. Nice work.

  6. ChibiRico says:

    Identity theft of a fictionnal character, hu? The judge is being possessed by Penny @.@

  7. Anonymous says:

    You should totally make another strip with the candy van guy somehow please :D
    He was so destroyed when Thurman and Eddie didn’t come to…get some candy.

  8. Rem says:

    @ChibiRico: The “fictional character” may be referring to the attorney. Although to be honest I also thought of a “pennyism” first ;)

  9. LaughingTarget says:

    $10 says Skye escapes within 6 months.

  10. ChibiRico says:

    @Rem : oh yeah, right. I taught of it a little while after posting this xD

    Penny-ism is a better idea, tough.

  11. Chameon says:

    @laughingtarget: Who needs to escape when you’re released “because Daddy said so?”

  12. Crestlinger says:

    The Skye has fallen! Thurman-faced too

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