Tantalizing Offer

September 23, 2010

Another short, short story. Getting away from the really long ones for a while.

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  1. legumious says:

    Gold doubloons would have been a far better choice.

  2. tim gueguen says:

    I just realised that Herman is Homer Simpson with a zillion dollars.

  3. Demus says:

    Thanks Tim, now whenever I read Herman’s lines I am going to be hearing the voice of Homer Simpson.

  4. LaughingTarget says:

    Alex you dirty liar. If I didn’t accidentally hit the link I wouldn’t have known you updated. I wasn’t planning on coming back until Octembuary 47, 21H8. I would have had to read a huge backlog if I believed you.


  5. B0Bo says:

    You know, a nice bookmark icon would really make me click here more often instead of having to see the END of a comic arc, then click back through it, trying not to peek and give anything away until I come to the last comic I remember.

    In other news, I always imagined Herman having a voice more like that Disney character Goofy. Especially before the re-design.

  6. Alex says:

    The bookmark icon is made, I just don’t know how to get it “in” there.

  7. legumious says:

    HaHA! Dirty joke.

  8. rabid turkey says:

    Alex. thank you. for the comic and the icon. i hope google will lend you it’s knowledge, because i sure as hell don’t know how to get it “in” there.
    keep up the great work brah:D

  9. Sheniu says:

    Only a yacht? Cheapskates. pfff, those corporation/industry/thingwhatever.

  10. Sio says:

    It’s a trap!

  11. aaron says:

    web based content module? am i the only one here thinking Old Spice guy?

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