Deadly Morning

January 19, 2009

With all of the technological advances in the world, you’d figure someone would find a way to make hairspray not smell so friggin’ terrible.

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  1. Lewis says:


  2. Trypno says:

    And it’s amazing how out of all the brands of hairspray, they all smell exactly the same, and if you are unfortunate to get these horribly deadly particles in your mouth as they come back to earth like nuclear fallout, you will also realize they taste the same as well

  3. Spanky Taylor says:

    my hairspray smells like bourbon…

  4. mac says:

    Why yes, I would like all my fumes completely undetectable. Or better yet, delicious! Mm. Delicious fumes.

  5. Max says:

    She sure uses a lot of hair spray though.

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