All Hallows’ Day Pt. 24

December 11, 2010

And so it ends.

…Well, not really. There’s an epilogue on Tuesday, and then maybe something else. But then that’s it. I’ll be back to color, at least.

EDIT: Put up the wrong version where I overexplained the joke. This one’s better.

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  1. wendyw says:

    I didn’t think once about the fact that she might actually be seeing the world in shades of grey. Funky.

  2. LaughingTarget says:

    No one guessed the Hulk. Well played.

  3. RomanXVII says:

    All is well.

  4. Bok says:

    So wait, why is Penny freaking out again? Because of the possibility the “blood stains” on her skirt also being green?

  5. McGee says:

    well considering the stains on her dress are darker than the green paint…she might actually have blood stains…or possibly spray tan or something. either way it was some other dude she banged. Also further proof she’s completely a meta character like The Joker and Deadpool.

  6. Dragonizer says:

    Oh man, sometimes it’s not so great being a fourth wall breaker, is it? :P

    And, uh, guys? Those stains on her dress have always been there. It’s part of her costume.

  7. Alex says:

    She’s freaking out because her awareness has put her at a DISadvantage for once, making it so she can’t see colors anymore, and that REALLY screws with her head. It has nothing to do with her dress.

  8. ChibiRico says:

    Hahaha not expected that one xD but I think I should have >< Oh well. This keeps on becoming awesomer.

  9. Bok says:

    Man, now I’m a bit weirded out I didn’t figure that out on my own.

  10. Richie9999 says:

    Ah, Penny you and your fourth wall breaking are exactly what I needed for my study break now during exam week. Thank You.

  11. Jeff Weiner says:

    Ha! If Penny is so aware, how come she doesn’t realize her mother and Herman have a realtionship? Riddle me that, artist!

  12. LaughingTarget says:

    She’s just aware of aspects of being in a webcomic, not an omnipresent god.

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