Relativeity Rebuttal

April 2, 2011

A flimsy pretense to draw those last three panels?  Perhaps, but I apologize for nothing.

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  1. LaughingTarget says:

    You don’t need a pretense to draw awesome, testosterone pumping action scenes.

    And girls have feelings? Now I know where I’m going wrong.

  2. Dave says:

    Every comic should be like those last three panels.

  3. Blerg says:

    But seriously that story arc was extremely cliche.

  4. Zombie-man says:

    Never eat Sword-steak, its going to ruin your life!

  5. DonFabio says:

    O_o’ frigging hardcore, only thing more hard core if they drove trucks made out of steak, while killing them monster trucks whit headbutts!! HELL YEA!!!

  6. RyuRoots says:

    Honestly I have no problem with the “girls having feelings” bit, but the last arc was probably the weakest one thus far. It was very predictable and sitcom-ish.

  7. Ellie Coral says:

    Speaking as a girl with feelings, I don’t object to girls sharing “sister time” (what an awful term, I can’t believe I used it), but nothing is more awesome than girls getting into wacky, bloody, explodey hijinx. Or eating meat.

  8. DCHorror says:

    That is not a manly sword.

  9. Vance says:


  10. DCHorror says:

    It occurs to me that I never did, nor never again, want to see Thurman topless.

  11. ChibiRico says:


    Also, ORDOG’S BACK!!! For now… <<

  12. Spenser says:

    I believe fanboys did it best, let me re-iterate them for you.

    “Hey, Lemmy, I’m going to grow my beard out. Wanna join me?”

    “No thanks. It’s 3:00. Time for me to go bend stuff.”

  13. Spenser says:

    Lemme re-phrase that so I can make mention that this one is funnier. :P

  14. Ozzie says:

    This is the apex of your career. Nothing will ever be this awesome ever again.

  15. Dead Metal says:

    Best strip of the year, and it wouldn’t be as awesome hadn’t it been for the last story line.

  16. Geisslers says:

    so much win

  17. PeTaters says:


  18. pizzasgood says:

    As their last wish, my onion rings asked me to tell you that they approved of this strip.

    As far as this strip being the apex of Alex’s career: I can’t speak for my onion rings, but in my own opinion this strip, while excellent, is nothing compared to the rocket bear.

  19. LaughingTarget says:

    Hold on, if by equal time, do you mean 27 strips of pure testosterone awesome? I doubt I could handle such a thing.

  20. Richie9999 says:

    TESTOSTERONE!!! GRAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. quarktime says:

    Come now, everyone knows that according to Alton Brown, sword-steak should be seared to a crackling crust in a hot terra-cotta vessel inside a clean oven, then the temperature reduced and slowly roasted in the same vessel to 130 degrees, removed, and allowed to rest for 5-10 minutes, loosely covered with foil, until carryover brings it to 135-140 degrees. Then impale on the skewering weapon of your choice and devoured in a manly fashion. Cooking in this fashion will cause the meat fibers to lubricate, and some of the collagen to turn to lip-smacking gelatin. It will also kill nasty e. coli germs and keep your manly ass from dying. Nutritional anthropologists have determined that pirates in the Caribbean used to cook their sword-steaks in precisely this fashion, after hacking them from the plentiful island cows that graze on the coconut grass and seaweed.

    True story. No, really.

  22. Ben says:

    Good, but kinda lame.

  23. Lyric says:

    Duuude. This strip had me laughing so hard i was crying and felt like an 80 year old with a bladder problem.

    -dontjudgeme- >_>

  24. Marscaleb says:

    This is like, my favorite comic ever.
    Sword-steak. You made me laugh with that one.

  25. Chelsey says:

    Thurman’s “package”, panel 2…… *shudder*

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