The Interview Part 1

February 2, 2009

New site design, new comic size, and a new story!  This narrative will last considerably longer than anything I’ve done as of yet, but don’t worry, I won’t pull a Ctrl+Alt+Del and forget I write a humor comic.  Probably about three weeks, but I might change it.

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  1. C$ says:

    Hey take that ctrl alt del shit back! yarrggg …huff puff.,.. asshole…

  2. Visulth says:

    so THAT’s what people mean they say “pulling a CTRLALTDEL”. I never understood because I only recently decided to read the comic and didn’t have to wait days/weeks/whatever-the-update-schedule was for a new comic.

  3. Tyranax says:

    Yeah, that Ctrl+Alt+Del arc was a mistake. I used to read. I didn’t mind it at the time, and I though that he did it ok. But, a little down the line I stopped reading. Surprise surprise.

  4. Trypno says:

    I actually rather like Ctrl-Alt-Del. When I read a webcomic I’m not always looking for a good laugh, I like being entertained with a good story from time to time in order to pass said time.

  5. Kate says:

    I’m with Trypno on this one. CRTL ALT DEL is good for more than cheap laughs (need I say Penny Arcade?)

  6. Spacepeanut says:

    Penny-Arcade is a work of genius sir, and the barbarous mutilation of internet/geek humor that is CTRL-ALT-DELETE doesn’t have anything on Penny-Arcade. I challenge you to a duel for it’s honor choose your weapon, at dawn, we shall meet on the rain-slick precipice of a severe ass kicking!

  7. Skapunkmusicjunk says:

    Ow ow ow, geekfight ! Did I mis it?

    Hehe, there is nothing as vicious as geeks having an argument. :)

  8. K says:

    I like CtrlAltDel, but I know what ya mean. Penny Arcade is funny, but meh.

    Woo! Go geek fight!

  9. Nyahm says:

    CtrlAltDel is awesome, I’ve been a devoted reader ever since the begining, and while it’s not always funny, it does have story lines, and I love how the characters progress as their life goes on- but you can’t deny, sometimes there’ll be a strip that’ll have you in fits of laughter. As for Penny Arcade, I like it, but occasionally I’ll get bored and it’s not one of the comics I regularly check up on. Anyone ever read XKCD, Explosm, Sinfest, Least I could do, Snafu-comics, Drowtales, Redstring, Sister Claire or The Zombie Hunters? Yeah…I don’t have much of a life.

  10. Slackbheep says:

    ctrl-alt-del only had its moments at best, it’s about the most generic “gaming/humor” comic I could think of. Plus the author seems to enjoy being a tool.

  11. Seeeaaaannnn says:

    Sangria, driving the economy since the first grape juice was left too long in a flask….

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