Prom Wonderful Pt. 1

April 27, 2011

A lot of prom-centered stories in fiction are about the lead characters finding love, overcoming obstacles to discover the true beauty inside themselves, or otherwise reaching a meaningful emotional milestone.

This is NOT one of those stories.  At all.

So hey, remember last week, when I said that comics would be pushed back a day, but then ended up just skipping an update?  Well, this week they really will be pushed back a day.  So, there WILL be two more comics on Friday and Sunday, stay tuned!  Or… stay browsered, I guess.  Whatever.  This comic just took forever since I had to design all these crazy versions of the girls.  I like the way it came out, though.

BONUS:  It’s zoomed out too small, but Kate’s notebook reads “Harry Potter and the Forest of Boning”

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  1. Mike Rofone says:

    Don’t worry Alex, I think it was worth the wait. Especially good job on the emo-Kate :D

  2. Ellie Coral says:

    Will Ordog be a chaperone? *crosses fingers*

  3. Jeff Weiner says:

    Ah, high school! A million-dollar experience I’d never pay one cent to relive!

  4. W says:

    You know, I bet they could make a screenplay out of that story title.

    As for Prom … I went with no date, but a bunch of friends my senior year, and had the time of my life. The only regret is, mom wouldn’t let me go in drag. I made up for it by slowdancing by myself, (the classic “slow dancing by yourself, arms wrapped around your own sides” thing) and if you did the proper google searches I’m almost certain you could find pictures of this online. (I think I got more people taking pictures of me during that dance than everyone else together)

    And, I’d go out with Kate to prom … though, she’d be my second choice after Penny.

  5. Dave Zero 1 says:

    I request… nay… DEMAND we see the adventures of morose Goth chick Kate!

  6. Baughbe says:

    We had proms only for the Juniors and Seniors. Sophomores and Freshman NOT allowed, unless dating a Junior or Senior. My Junior Year Prom was a blind date. Senior year was with the Principal’s daughter. Yeah, nobody was ever quite sure what to make of me.

  7. Alex says:

    That’s the way it was in my school, but that didn’t stop Freshman and Sophomore girls from getting asked.

  8. McGee says:

    make the hair color red and remove the braces and Ms. Beckett ala Freshman year looks exactly like a friend of mine from college, she was more into lord of the rings and silent hill though

    Side note:

    I went to prom every year except my Senior year. By then I said screw it and went on a weekend road trip with a friend.

  9. DCHorror says:

    You know, I’d have still asked her out for freshman year. Would be interesting.

  10. tim gueguen says:

    Chances are there actually is a Harry Potter fic called Harry Potter and the Forest of Boning. There is rarely a fanfic idea, no matter how weird, that hasn’t been written by someone.

  11. Spenser says:

    I think the funny part is: Glasses and longer hair work for kate. :P

    The emo/punk look, I don’t quite think so, but we all gotta hit that phase. :S

  12. Maarvarq says:

    a) Kate had her growth spurt before freshman year, and
    b) Penny is actually blonde?

  13. Milly fo Shilly says:

    No she’s just in hiding. The Great Ginger Hunts took place during Kate and Penny’s freshman year, and Penny, not wanting to be burned at the stake for supposedly having no soul, chose to dye her hair. Duh.

  14. LaughingTarget says:

    Once the rumor of junk punching gets out, it’ll never be contained.

  15. huntertt says:

    I’m seeing a family connection in frame NO.6

  16. Robin says:

    No, Penny has orange roots in her hair, so it looks like she died her hair for the one year only.

  17. PokeyPuppy says:

    I like that Kate has the same freaking shoes for the last 3 years of high school.

  18. LaughingTarget says:

    I’ve had the same pair of shoes for the last 8 years. A good pair will last forever.

  19. DCHorror says:

    The trick is finding a good pair.

  20. Vance says:

    haha emo Kate

  21. Sir Baggs says:

    I just realized Kate’s initials spell KGB. Is this a subtle nod towards the glorious Motherland Alex? :v

  22. Alex says:

    “Elaine” doesn’t start with a G?

  23. Ozzie says:

    I really like the effect lines in the last panel; it’s really hard to convey an unusual movement like a full-body swivel in a static frame and you got the point across perfectly.

    Also, given my record in high school, I’d have chanced the junk-punching form of Kate with no hesitation.

  24. Maarvarq says:

    Wow, I did not look at the frame that closely. Orange roots indeed!

  25. Marcus Martin says:

    I didn’t expect to see the evolution of Penny thorughout this double size comic. Wow indeed at the evolution at our main stars. :D

  26. Viperalist says:

    So let’s see she went from hippy nut to an emo to bitch

    Stating the obvious ftw

  27. Viperalist says:

    Oh one more thing how come Kate seems to shrink throughout the last three slides

  28. Froggy says:

    The scary thing is that those last 3 panels are basically me and my best friend throughout the entirety of high school.

    (A jar of urine to the first person who guesses which one I was.)

  29. Xydux says:

    I just realized that nerd Kate has more black in her clothes than goth Kate does.

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