Prom Wonderful Pt. 1

April 27, 2011

A lot of prom-centered stories in fiction are about the lead characters finding love, overcoming obstacles to discover the true beauty inside themselves, or otherwise reaching a meaningful emotional milestone.

This is NOT one of those stories.  At all.

So hey, remember last week, when I said that comics would be pushed back a day, but then ended up just skipping an update?  Well, this week they really will be pushed back a day.  So, there WILL be two more comics on Friday and Sunday, stay tuned!  Or… stay browsered, I guess.  Whatever.  This comic just took forever since I had to design all these crazy versions of the girls.  I like the way it came out, though.

BONUS:  It’s zoomed out too small, but Kate’s notebook reads “Harry Potter and the Forest of Boning”

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