Prom Wonderful Pt. 15

June 2, 2011

They have necklaces that phase in and out of existence! OooooOOOOOOooo! (yeah, I’ll fix the continuity errors)

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  1. DCHorror says:

    You know, getting those flowers might have made him seem a little worse. This feels like it’s going to be a night of suck for Kate.

  2. McGee says:

    He got her dryer lint. on the planet of the coneheads he would be a keeper

  3. lefirstlelast says:

    Well at least he didn’t tell her he picked them up while walking through the cemetery. ‘

    He didn’t, right? Please for the love of zombie jesus, tell me he at least has a bit more class than that!

  4. Ellie Coral says:

    A bouquet, how touching! And it’s dying, too! Can’t wait to see the moldy corsage.

  5. Baughbe says:

    Oh yeah, those flowers have that graveyard smell.

    Continuity? We don’t need no stinking flapjacks!

  6. Jeff Weiner says:

    Young Steven has a bright future as a traffic cone, or bollard, or something…

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