Prom Wonderful Pt. 32

July 21, 2011

Next one of these (The finale) will be much more on-time-ish. Think… 1 pm? somethin like that.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Iz coo, brah…they’re still hawt.

  2. wdwillis says:

    who are you? exactly…

    thats so awesome… how did thurman pull that off.

    he musta had a little cap’n in ‘im

  3. TheJij says:

    If I knew Thurman, I’d dress up as a police man and pretend to arrest him, waiting for the bribe.

  4. Crestlinger says:

    Money talks, opportunity screams.

  5. pizzasgood says:

    Can that cop actually suspend her license for that? I don’t think normal traffic laws apply to airstrips…

    Take it to the courts Kate! FIGHT THE MAN!

  6. wdwillis says:

    i thought they parked on the road, but ya know…
    and since she is a minor, she would lose her license in most states just for being intoxicated, behind the wheel or not.

  7. DCHorror says:

    Who said she was intoxicated?

    Also, is it really bribery if he’s not really in trouble?

  8. wdwillis says:

    look at her, she is clearly drunk with power

  9. freak with a pen says:

    no matte what some people are more attention will always be put on the vacuois insipid people who do really stupid stuff because they think they can?

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