Her Own Worst Enemy

August 2, 2011

I’d like to welcome everyone coming from Menage a 3! (<link to my guest strip there)  Welcome.  Sit a spell; take yer shoes off.  If you need some orientation, you can mosey on over here. Or here.  Thank ya kindly.  Y’all come back now, y’hear?

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  1. Maarvarq says:

    Think, Penny, you could have just leant down and read your own speech balloon, rather than batting it around willy-nilly.

  2. McGee says:

    here’s a thought stretch the speech balloon out between the panels all silly putty like. Bill Waterson would approve.

  3. Crestlinger says:

    Break the fourth wall too many times and yer mind goes with it.

  4. Stonefoot says:

    That MA3 guest strip is really good. I read it before I got here and recognized the styleof the art almost immediately. This strip is also especially good.

  5. Tekeeler says:

    BUTTNUGGETS! Not heard that in years!

  6. Zombie-man says:

    That might be the only funny strip of Menage a 3, because that comic is… lets just say that portraying sexual harassment as a joke and over odjectifying woman is not my thing. . .

  7. Kyle M. says:

    Awesome guest strip, I just started reading that one a week ago, both are great!

  8. Viperalist says:

    This is why fucking with timelines is like a bad girlfeind you can’t unsee what you saw and will come back from beond the grave to haunt you

  9. Viperalist says:

    Above comment was made at 22:43

  10. RomanXVII says:

    Do what we do when bored. Raid Walmart. No really, have them do that. Except avoid getting into any Walmart conspiracies to take over the world.

  11. Tal says:

    Does anyone else really want to see what trampoline bowling entails? It sounds ridiculously fun.

  12. ReFlex76 says:

    So, what happened here? Just what is it that panel-breaking Penny was trying to accomplish? Remember? Forget?

    This from someone who usually loves Fourth Wall breaking, especially from Penny.

  13. Kirby says:

    I feel stupid that it took me this long to figure out why she did that. XD

    ((For anyone like me: So she could hear herself. :D ))

  14. AflacMan13 says:

    Buttnuggets??? Hmmm… reminds me of this…


  15. Snakie says:

    Hi and thanks for the welcome! (yea, I’m a regular from menage a 3…)

    This webomic is going on my fav pages! Love your work, man!

    Just read it ALL today, and the morale of the story is… Penny really needs a hug… =)

  16. OnTheRoad says:

    Finally! Managed to catch up. Came over from Ma3. Awesome gueststrip, the best I’ve ever seen!

    Love your humor and drawing style. Consider me a new regular :-)

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