Who Am I To Disagree?

August 6, 2011

Someone asked before if guesting Ma3 is influencing my own work in a sexytime direction.  I still maintain “no”, this is just bad timing.

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  1. Zombie-man says:

    I only thought that for a second in the previous page, this one is claerly not inspired by Ma3, because if it was, the punchline would have been someone grabbing Kates breasts, probably while she was sleeping ( nothing more wacky and funny than sexual harassment)

    Ok this is the last time that I would mention Ma3, I don’t want to be ´´ that guy “, in fact in happy for you, because that would bring more traffic to this site and I like this comic sooo much that to think that because of that other comic more people willd discover Out at home!

  2. Zombie-man says:

    Oh and gotta love Herman in panel 3! Talking about random! It reminds me of old loney toons episodes!

  3. Baughbe says:

    Wow, I haven’t had that dream in weeks.

  4. bioman250 says:

    this is weirder then the last one. *gasp* i realized that if it keeps weirderizing at an exponential rate pot might make the comic make more… you know what i don’t know where im going with this Kate is hot.

  5. Its every bad dream in one fatal swoop.

  6. SirBaggs says:

    This comic reminds me of an old Ed, Edd n Eddy cartoon where they break all laws of physics and logic.

  7. Mike X says:

    SirBaggs I remember that one. It was one of my favorites! Crazy ass episode. Also what I really like about this strip is that Kate’s shirt keeps changing color and that Herman’s clothes randomly changed when he turned even more random than usual.

  8. Crestlinger says:

    There will be Scars if she remembers any of this.

  9. Ozzie says:

    Is Hermann wearing Seinfeld’s puffy shirt?

  10. Ozzie says:

    Too darn late to be up posting comments for me, evidently.

  11. K-W says:

    Alex – Love the MA3 page ^_^
    And as always your comic is awesome


  12. Enigma says:

    Huh, sorry, you say something? I was too busy starring at Kate’s underwear….niccccccccccce

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