Everybody’s Lookin’ for Somethin’

August 11, 2011

Thank you for tolerating my weirdness.

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  1. PF says:

    Key-face? Isn’t the usual term “Waffleface” these days? :D

  2. IndigoRei says:

    LOL! Awesome!

  3. Stonefoot says:

    “tolerating weirdness”? Huh! That’s one of the strangest concepts I’ve encountered. [Nice!] I enjoy weirdness; I seek out weirdness; I create weirdness (according to my friends, I do this quite often when I’m not even trying to). It would never occur to me that someone would have any need to tolerate weirdness. So, thank you for this little dream sequence, and as IndigoRei said: “Awesome!”

    [small bit of evidence to support the above: I have had the Michigan personalized license plate "CHAOS" since the 1970's.]

  4. jdreyfuss says:

    Aw man! Now someone has to go out with the Windex and paper towels and clean off the fourth wall.

  5. Jeff Weiner says:

    Damn cat videos!

  6. Bah I Say says:

    And here I was expecting the King of all Cosmos

  7. Ari3s says:

    Sooooo…Kates bed…its a tad…phallic…don’t you agree?

  8. J. Murray says:

    Wait…Penny sounds like Minnie Mouse?

  9. Marvin says:


  10. Alex says:

    Not specifically, she just has a very high, chipper-sounding voice. Kinda like Maria Bamford in a really happy mood. Or something like Amy from Futurama, I guess.

  11. IndigoRei says:

    Heh! That’s actually pretty close to the voice I was imagining.

  12. IndigoRei says:

    Wait! Her room was dark before. Who turned on the lights?

  13. Crestlinger says:

    i dunno having \/ on your face might make for a neat tatoo.

  14. Crestlinger says:

    Lol didn’t copy *inserts 4 arrow keys

  15. Kessog says:

    Thot it was QWERTY face…

  16. Kirby says:

    @indigorei It’s probably daytime now. Or something.

  17. Marscaleb says:

    I was expecting/hoping the title of this comic was gonna be ‘I am watching you through a camera!”

  18. JET73L says:

    Urgh. One of my phobias involves that sort of skin-turning-into-honeycomb thing. Most disturbing OAH alt text ever (for me).

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