August 20, 2011

Fun Fact: I wore the shirt Thurman’s wearing the other day, went into Taco Bell, and the guy that took my order was wearing the same shirt.

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  1. Zombie-man says:

    The poop revenge always works, he just has to find a better place, like her shoes!

  2. thedtuchdevil says:

    i think there’s an unwritten laws somewere that states that if two men wearing the same shirt meet, they must fight to the death in a gentlemans battle using only elderly hobo’s as their weapon

  3. scuba cat says:

    what if she locked her shoes in the car?

  4. legumious says:

    Then he can’t poop in those either.

  5. legumious says:

    Damn you uneditable comments. For some reason I posted before mentioning the fine science of the air vents.

  6. Crestlinger says:

    Massage chairs. Deflect care of younger sibling’s pranks.

  7. DCHorror says:

    So in the car is out. Has on not occurred to him?

  8. pizzasgood says:

    What you do is crawl underneath the front end and place the package near the air intake for the AC.

    If you want to gross them out worse, spread some on the inside surface of the door latch.

  9. RapidPixel says:

    these are some terrible ideas.

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