Close Enough

September 1, 2011

Penny’s prepared for all contingencies.

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  1. Person says:

    Girl me: … I want Kate’s shirt! D=
    Boy me: … that new girl looks an awful lot like Dustin… and for all we know, it could be him. Or someone related. =\
    Me: HA! Hahaha~! Penny is the best character in this whole comic. She never fails to make me laugh! xD Even when she’s not there! Bonus points!

  2. Baughbe says:

    Where’s my understudy? I have a report due at work.

  3. legumious says:

    …was it Puppet Pal Clem at the bonk?

  4. Alex says:

    No, it was puppet pal Mitch.

  5. McGee says:

    ok seriously that understudy is the spitting image of my wife’s best friend.

  6. Kirby says:

    Sir, I’d like to pay you to take my Spanish class for me. You don’t actually have to do anything, just show up and take notes. I’ll do all the work and show up for midterms and finals. *nod nods*

  7. Otter says:

    @Person: Boy, Girl and me?
    So you are either a robot or a cat :D

    The real question is not who was at the bank but why would everyone want that poster on there wall? What’s written on it anyway?

  8. tim gueguen says:

    Penny wasn’t that prepared. She didn’t provide Understudy Gal with a redhead wig.

  9. Mike says:

    Understudy: So this is like a guest character appearance right?
    Kate: character?
    Understudy: Uh Nevermind

  10. maarvarq says:

    You let Penny get away with having an understudy? Is that allowed in her contract?

  11. Person says:

    @Otter, I like to think I’m a little bit of everything.

    And, yes, slowly, the understudy shall make herself look JUST like Penny. And soon she shall break the fourth way six ways from Sunday… like Penny.

  12. Person says:

    *Wall, not way. Sorry.

  13. Jonathan Strange says:

    I’d quite enjoy it if this understudy character became a more permanent fixture in the Out at Home universe.

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