Wheelchair Uzi VIII: The Consipracy Projection

September 12, 2011

Bruce Willis-y shaved head Ordog looks like G. Gordon Liddy.  Or Terry O’Quinn with a mustache.

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  1. LaughingTarget says:

    Herman never did get in.

  2. DominicanKing614 says:

    wait … how did Kate get in too without her dad … isn’t she not 18 yet either ??? … wait … R movies are 17 right ? … man i keep forgetting … lol

  3. LaughingTarget says:

    Hold on a second, false advertising! He’s using a pistol, not an ido!

  4. Buggman says:

    Heh, Terry O’Quinn used to sport a mustache back in the 90s when he was on Millennium.

  5. Baughbe says:

    I shot an arrow in the air. It came to earth I know not where.

  6. Linesman says:

    Those aren’t his bullets, by the way. He was just trying to save the guy from the Deathcrap Seagulls, but he was TOO LATE. Truly, a moving tragedy.

  7. Benga1986 says:

    Richard Simmons NOOOOOOOOO!!

  8. Mike X says:

    Poor Herman never got in, well at least he knows he looks so young people won’t let him into R rated movies.

  9. Sadie1 says:

    Hey Alex you ever have a livestream?

  10. Alex says:

    Not right now, but actually, that’s one of the things I’ve been meaning to start- I got some freeware with the capability, I just have to figure out a good time when I can devote a few hours to it, using livestream or another platform. So, I guess the answer is look for it sometime in the future.

  11. Lycos says:

    If Thurman has a medium…how big is a large? Dude I think a large would cure world hunger!

  12. Robin says:

    And I thought Terry O’Quinn was so hot…now you’ve gone and ruined that for me!

  13. shadowgate says:

    am I the only one that noticed the bald cap is slightly off in panel three? (prob’ly)

  14. MaxTheMinimum says:

    Damn, how much did those cost? A spleen for the popcorn and a liver for the soda?

  15. Alex says:

    Only 25 cents more than the medium

  16. JET73L says:

    Heh, Terry O’Quinn.

    Also, I’m jealous of their theater. My local theater has… Probably a 12oz small (if even that much), a 16-oz medium, a Large the size of one of those narrow bags of stadium peanuts, and a gallon-and-a-quart $10-$12 Refill Size. Also, a kids’ size that’s half the size of the small and only comes with candy and a cup, cup-and-a-half of fountain drink.

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