So Close

September 17, 2011

He’s all up in her area, man.

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  1. Dang Kates’ pretty strong

  2. Ozzie says:

    Classy, Thurman.

  3. Baughbe says:

    I think that’s the anger giving her strength. With Thurman around, even the weakest of people can find the anger to destroy small towns (named Thurman). I’m just amazed she hasn’t killed him yet. She has great self-control.

    Question Alex, what is the source you use for basing Thurman’s writing ability on. It is perfectly awful and all too believable.

  4. DCHorror says:

    I feel bad that this took him years to plan.

  5. Linesman says:

    Oh, damn it. Kathy just called saying she’s been hospitalized for blunt force trauma with a frying pan. WENDZEL, YOUR COMICS PUT MY GIRL IN THE HOSPITAL. PREPARE TO DIEEEEE

  6. Marvin says:

    Thurman you know Kate gets all kinds of angry when you’re in her area

  7. HellAshes says:

    That second panel must have taken days to make.

  8. Wrath says:

    Are Thurman’s drawings getting better? Not sure it just seems like it.

  9. Alex says:

    He (I) just didn’t color this one in so it looks less messy. At least, I think… I’m not trying to make them better, anyway.

  10. TheFranticPotato says:

    The problem with the quality of Thurman’s drawings is his portrayal of himself… more specifically his arms: they’re much too well drawn and actually look muscular. Young kids that can’t draw often draw muscly arms more like newspaper bags filled to the brim with lumps of shit…. or just plain badly, if you’d rather take the less graphic route. Otherwise, excellent work, as always! :D

  11. Thor says:

    You would think after all those years of glasses wearing that he would realize that the ear pieces do not simply stick out to the sides like that.

  12. Wrath says:

    His spelling may have also improved. This is scary stuff right here.

  13. A Buff Seagull says:

    Nothing against you, I love your comics, they’re hilarious, and this is probably just a coincidence, but yeah

  14. albire0 says:

    ya know to this day i never really understood why Thurman eyes are brown.

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