School Play Pt.1: Anxiety

March 9, 2009

Once again, Herman misses the point.

Oh, and…COMIC NUMBER 50!!!!!!

And with it, a new story.  This’ll be a fun one for me, having been in myriad low-rent school productions in my day.

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  1. Tekeeler says:

    Congrats on reaching 50! Comics that is not age. I only ever did one play school dracula… was very entertaining when ‘jonathon harker’ was fleeing and fell flat on his face off the stage! lol

  2. Flapjack says:

    Oh Herman, Herman, Herman,……..Herman, Herman, Herman,….Herman, Herman, Herman,……Herman….

    Silly Goose!

  3. Trypno01 says:

    Congrats on number 50! Does this mean Herman can’t come to see his daughter’s play without it being rife with rumors of him paying off the stage crew?

  4. Godbot says:

    “…you can give ME money, though. I’m fine with that, okay Dad?”

    I heard this in my head as soon as I finished reading it.

    Happy 50th.

  5. MrGBH says:

    Wait, does this mean that there’re problem that can’t be solved with money? C’mon, that’s just not possible! There’s suspension of disblief, and then there’s nonsense.
    Maybe if Herman gave money to the other kids in the play so that they would deliberately be rubbish, thereby making whatsername seem better by comparisen.

  6. Downtownriott says:

    Its hilarious, because he looks nothing like anyone who could do anything right :D Silly beckett…. Seriously though, its a weird comic :D

  7. GOLDCURFORT says:

    Downtownriot…your moms an ugly man =)

  8. Zonkey says:

    heya..congrats on the comic, i’m gonna bookmark it =) Many more strips to come!

  9. Justine says:

    “The other kids seem to think that I got the lead cause your celebrity”

    I hate to nitpick, but again, that’s some wacky English. Technically, again, you can use the word celebrity as a synonym to the word “fame” and again, you’re techinically correct in your sentence structure. It’s still weird though, and you have to read the sentence over a couple times before you realize that it’s not incorrect English, it’s just weird English.

  10. MikeDB says:

    Actually, unless I’m missing something, it’s incorrect AND weird:

    “The other kids seem to think that I got the lead because you’re a celebrity”
    “The other kids seem to think that I got the lead because of your celebrity”
    “The other kids seem to think that I got the lead, caused by your celebrity”

    Still I wasn’t gonna point it out until you made me.

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