The Big Flashback Story Pt. 31

January 17, 2012

Ha ha ha! Emotional trauma!

EDIT: Uggghhh. Still having health crap happening. Stupid body.  Anyway, next comics on Friday and Sunday.

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  1. LaughingTarget says:

    That is the essay. I had the same reaction after watching Bio Dome.

  2. Jeff Weiner says:

    Shocked all of Penny’s freckles of, eh?

  3. plaspoo says:

    white trousers??

  4. o0o says:

    so dark, her acne fled in terror

  5. alicemacher says:

    If that was Darkgoth!Kate’s day-to-day speech, I shudder to think what her poetry must’ve been like.

  6. tim gueguen says:

    Given her family’s financial means I can’t help but suspect that Kate is wearing contacts with “DESPAIR” written on them.

  7. MrGBH says:

    While everything about Emos just makes me want to punch them, Kate does look pretty hot.

  8. Stonefoot says:

    “contacts with “DESPAIR” written on them” Yes. The red ink could even be made from her own blood. She looks goth enough to want to do it that way. :o

  9. Mike says:

    I used to be reasonably attractive like you but then i took a case of selfish goth stupidity to the knee

  10. CWR says:

    While her shirt likely reads “HURT-ING” I think it should read “HURT THING” – a pretty good band name to my mind.

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