February 27, 2012

Another comic tomorrow! Whenever this damn site stops being so broken.

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  1. Vendo says:

    How to dance to Dubstep.

    1. Wait for the drop.
    2. Seizure.
    3. ???
    4. Profit.

  2. moonwalkonawire says:

    Lol I do this too. My parents hate all my music. One time I made my mom listen to tool on a road trip, and she hated it. But I was driving, so its my call.

    Also, the position thurman’s hand is in panel 1 and 2 looks very painful, though I sit like that too sometimes. idk. (I’m not trying to criticize your art, btw. just sayin’.)

  3. glarphh says:

    he’s listening to skrillex :D

  4. Bah I Say says:

    Strange how the internet seems to be having a “what do you think of dubstep” conversation today.

  5. LaughingTarget says:

    Herman likes thrash, play a piano concierto.

  6. Yarin says:

    I don’t like dubstep I just think skrillrex has a cool name and the first of the year video had a neat concept

  7. MrGBH says:

    Never heard of any of them. But I am definitely squirreling this trick into my brain for when I have kids.

  8. Otter says:

    Damn kids today! Only listening to music that annoys us. :D
    Also dubstep, I love this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXO-jKksQkM The base music is good and the dance is simply amazing. I wish I had those skills :/

  9. Bean says:

    I love his reaction! Quite funny! Can wait for the next comic!

  10. Thor says:

    Back when I was a kid, we had dubstep, but we called it “breakdancing”. Ask you parents about it sometime.

  11. CWR says:

    I can’t see the comic. But I’m sure it’s funny.

  12. maarvarq says:

    I can’t see it either. Hopefully the mysteries will be revealed to all of us soon :-)

  13. DominicanKing614 says:

    Hmm same here i see no comic … well hopefully that gets fixed soon …

  14. Corina says:

    yeeah not only can i not see the comic, this is the first time the webpage has even loaded for me in like 4 days. . .

  15. Alex says:

    Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorry all this site brokenness has nothing to do with me. I’ll post the next comic today when I can be sure the site’s not going to crap its pants again.

  16. Yarin says:

    its ok hugs

  17. wet says:

    Where’s my comic Wendzel?! I didn’t pay hard earned money to have you slack off like this!

  18. Baughbe says:

    (annoying old man voice) Why back in my day we didn’t have this ‘dubstep’. We had good wholesome acid rock!. Now that’s music you can have an aneurism to! We didn’t have this shaking around on the floor. No Sir! We danced the right way, by throwing ourselves at each other until we bled. Nothing said you had a good time more than having to go to the hospital for a transfusion and splints. You young kids, you just haven’t got it like we did. Wouldn’t last 15 minutes in our clubs. Yes we had clubs! Big clubs, with nails driven through them. I remember when I first put Atomic Rooster in the car stereo. Melted the speakers on the spot. Now that’s music!

  19. Mister Rik says:

    “We’re so loud and incoherent
    Boy this oughtta bug your parents!”

    – ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, “Smells Like Nirvana”

  20. CWR says:

    What’s that he’s throwing away? Wouldn’t he just delete the songs?

  21. LaughingTarget says:

    Thurman is a spoiled rich kid, he doesn’t know how to delete songs. He just throws away the player and gets a new one.

  22. maarvarq says:

    Oh God I’m ancient, I thought it was a CD he was throwing away.

  23. Bean says:

    Well he is using a stereo to listen to it, so I think your ur right, maarvarq.

  24. PFoxen says:

    Dubstep: It’s what a techno migraine sounds like.

  25. Corina says:

    YAAAY comic with actual comic! ^_^ s’okay, I’m just glad it was your web-site, not my computer. . . which sounds selfish, but good luck with your job and updates, we belieeeve in youuuu!

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