Minicomics 14: Yet More Wisdom

March 13, 2012

Hey, another one o’ these!

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  1. Vendo says:

    Life is Nacho’s. The Flying Spaghetti Monster won’t happy about that revelation….

  2. McGee says:

    Life is Nachos Praise “bob” and pass the guacamole

  3. Johnny says:

    Much better than the strips with Kate and Penny

  4. IndigoRei says:

    How thought provoking! This shows that Herman is really more intelligent than he usually lets on.

    And of course, Yay, nachos!!!

  5. Crestlinger says:

    The 2nd and 3rd column are also fun to read vertically ^^

  6. LaughingTarget says:

    I still say we need a blank one of these for fan submissions.

  7. Otter says:

    Nachos are a b*tch to make. But they are so good. I never actually tried one bought from the shop, just made it myself with guacamole too. Delicious.

  8. PFoxen says:

    Wow. The first thought to pop into my head reading the first row was “Wow. When did Herman morph into Calvin’s dad?”


  9. Alex says:

    The difference is Herman actually believes his advice :)

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