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March 17, 2012

Happy Irish Snake-Banishing/Alcoholism Day, everyone! Here are some sketches I’ve done recently. I hope you enjoy them.

-9th grade Penny and 12th grade penny drawn in preparation for the flashback arc

- A collaborative sketch with a friend I’ve been brainstorming comedy skit ideas with

- A rough version of a logo design I’ve been working on

- The world’s greatest actor

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  1. Spah says:

    There’s something about sketches that I just love… The loose lines and process adds some personality to it, y’know? I’m kind of curious what the logo is for.

    Penny’s lucky; I was 5′3 when I was 14 and still 5′3 at 17.

  2. LaughingTarget says:

    Then after finding the treasure in Ben Franklin’s secret tomb using his ability to see the future, Nick Cage turned into Ghost Rider to fight convicts on a plane.

  3. Yarin says:

    @laughing target yes so much yes also how old is Kate and is she related to Sam Becket of quantum leap fame?

  4. Yarin says:

    No not old how tall sorry

  5. Alex says:

    Kate’s around 5′9″ or 10″.

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