A Foolish Gambit

March 20, 2012

This is based on a true story, although* I* never got caught.

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  1. Bean says:

    I’ve actually sat by kids that would do this. Except we had to pass the homework forward so they’d just copy the homework of the person that passed it up, which is why they’d usually sit in the SECOND to last row. Funny comic as always!

  2. ChibiRico says:

    That seems suspiciously like me there (Kate)

  3. MrGBH says:

    My teachers eventually stopped bothering to give me homework.

  4. Pizzasgood says:

    I did the bulk of mine on the bus ride to school. I think this actually made me sharper, because of the added pressure to work fast while remaining accurate enough to maintain my nearly straight A’s. (Not everybody who makes good grades actually enjoys school. I hated every moment, yet was too much of a perfectionist to slack off. So cramming all the schoolwork into the least valuable parts of my day (bus rides, lunch, etc.) was my solution.)

  5. LaughingTarget says:

    It’s a shame that Dustin and the teacher speak in the same font or Kate might have noticed.

  6. Yarin says:

    Mrghb brohoof

  7. Jori says:

    Tankanian.. Armenian, or just a random name? haha.

  8. Pashakitty says:

    You know… I’m starting to get really really tired of that damn pop up add at the bottom of the page. It comes unbidden out of nowhere and covers the comic as I’m trying to read it. It’s a video with sound as well, which makes it ten times worse. As much as I enjoy this web comic, I may just move on simply because of the annoyance of this add.

    I don’t mind advertising in web comics, I understand that’s how many artists manage to afford to keep bringing me quality entertainment… but when the add begins to take away from the experience and enjoyment of the comic… it becomes kind of pointless for me to continue trying to enjoy it. Yes, I can close the add… but that’s not the point.

    It takes away from the general enjoyment I get out of this comic, quite often I wind up leaving the page with a bit of annoyance rather than the original good mood I used to get from it. Someone once told me that when something stops being fun, we should stop doing it. It’s getting to that point with me because of this add.

  9. prime_pm says:

    Try NoScript. Problem solved.

  10. Dovius says:

    I’m honestly wondering what the big problem is about missing your homework a single time. Do they punish it that severely in the States? (Dutch teen here with little to no knowledge about the American education system)

  11. Otter says:

    Well Alex might do something about it then now that you wrote it. Zack always bans annoying ads on Smbc for example.

  12. LaughingTarget says:

    Dovius -

    It depends district to district and whether it is public or private. Public generally has more homework requirements. It’s an artefact of the unionization of the public sector. As they bargain for shorter working days and fewer school days (school was 8 hours, 5 days a week, and ran from early August through the end of June when I went and now averages 6 hours a day and runs early September through late May with Wednesday 5 hour days). This rapid shrinking of education hours has pressured the public education system to resort to loading students up with home studies to make up for the union concessions, creeping benefits growth, and funding waste on the explosion of managers and Department of Education (both at State and National levels) that chew through budgets and attempt to treat each student as carbon copies of one another.

    This is the key reason the American students are slipping on international testing scores – we put preference on teachers (and worse, non-teaching administration) over students. Mr. Tankanian up top may be a teacher who cares, but the shortening school days and year is effectively forcing him to hand out homework as a last ditch effort to make up for the loss.

    Also, failing schools tend to rely more on homework over classroom studies since those schools generally don’t care about the student or misunderstand why the students are failing. Schools that generate a high level of homework are those whose students come from communities with poor parenting. Homework requires a strong family culture to generate the learning, so increased homework as a response to failures of the family structure creates a vicious cycle where even more is expected from home. It also doesn’t help that those communities generate students prone to gang activity and school violence, especially toward the faculty – while the students would benefit from less time with family, the teaching staff does not want to deal with the increased threat to their own safety.

    I’ve run the gambit of public and private, thuggish (school districts with required diversity bussing to keep token white guys with good grades in dangerous schools) and prosperous. There’s a huge difference in homework requirements and the personal experience shows that the more tasks you take home for completionx the quality of education declines.

    Whew, too much seriousness for comments on a comic with a character who can time travel across panels.

  13. Bah I Say says:

    Why does my last semester Calculus teacher not have his glasses?

  14. Alex says:

    @ Pasha: Late, but I am getting rid of it. When I signed up for this service, I didn’t know the ads were going to pop up like this, I though it’d just be a bar at the bottom of the screen. I agree that they’re intrusive, and I don’t want anything on the site that’s going to decrease anyone’s enjoyment to the point where they stop coming, certainly. As of right now, I’m deleting the script tonight… once I… uh, remember where it is in the code… and I’m going to see if I can find an alternative.

    Honestly, the only reason I kept it around is that it was the first chance I had to try to make any “real” money off the comic. I make very very very little doing this, which can get frustrating, especially when my hit numbers say I should be finding a way to make SOMETHING. I guess I just don’t have a business mind. But you can’t make any money if you’re driving people away, which again, is the last thing I want to do. I apologize for upsetting anyone, and a pox on all misleading advertisers.

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