April 23, 2012

EDIT: As pointed out to me today, the original version of this comic TOTALLY wasn’t how photo negatives work.  I am an idiot, and have fixed it.  New comic tomorrow.

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  1. Vendo says:

    Oh Penny….

  2. tim gueguen says:

    Okay, is today’s strip supposed to be oddly coloured?

  3. Nico says:

    And Penny punches another hole into the 4th wall. :P

  4. DktrAgonizer says:

    Haha, clever one.

    @tim_gueguen: Think color inversion. Y’know, like photo negatives. :P

  5. Bryn says:

    If the picture is a negative, why aren’t their teeth and eyes black?

    I suppose it’d make them look really evil. Hmm.

    -An incredibly pedantic reader you should ignore

  6. rogan says:


    I was expecting some zombie reference… but no, Penny’s right. It really hurt.

    I love your comic by the way, ‘been reading it forever.

  7. Dude says:

    ……So the clouds are really black?

  8. Crestlinger says:

    Lol James Cameron blue.

  9. LaughingTarget says:

    Only took 471 strips, but finally run into one I don’t get. Maybe because I can’t access the alt text on a smartphone.

  10. Pizzasgood says:

    It’s a photography joke. I’m guessing you newbs have never had the misfortune to deal with cameras that used film instead of flash memory.

    We’re getting old, Alex :(

  11. LaughingTarget says:

    OK, now I get it.

  12. il biggo says:

    Trombone, and *boom boom crash* too.

  13. Kgummy says:

    Wait, shouldn’t the linework be white, and the clouds black? It’s kind of only selectively negative as far as I can tell.

  14. 52pickup says:

    Everyone loves a punny dreadful comic.

  15. saengerbeatle says:

    I just love how Penny seems to exist outside the comics in the real world. She’s the only charakter (of the comic) who might know it’s a comic they are living in. Don’t know if there even is a comic or tv-Series who does this kind of jokes. great stuff! ^^

    @digital Pictues: Have you never seen the negative image of a non-digital photo-camera? they ain’t that old… or are we? am I ?!!?

  16. tim gueguen says:

    Oh, I guessed it was a photography joke. It’s just that when I think of old negatives I think of them being different colours than that.

  17. Alex says:

    @Kgummy: you are right, and I spent some time fixing it. Hey, did you know there’s an “invert” button in photoshop? That would’ve been useful to me yesterday.

  18. Mr. Non Sequitur says:



  19. dieselmech86 says:


    Ah. New coloring makes the comic make sense. Was a bit of a head scratcher before.

  20. The man who knows all says:

    The 4th wall is Penny’s bitch.

  21. Toloc says:

    Kinda curious what the original looked like.
    Is it still accessible somewhere?

  22. saengerbeatle says:

    @Mr. Non Sequitur: thx. I didn’t that was really a thing. Nico allready said something about 4th wall before, but I didn’t get what he ment. The Simpsons made some jokes this way too, but exept that I haven’t seen many 4th-Wall-Jokes, yet.

  23. furrykef says:

    I actually prefer the way it looked before, but oh well :P

  24. Alexander says:

    They’re so negative, they had to switch spots!

  25. Klear says:

    I did what probaby did everybody else, downloaded the picture and turned it negative.

    I think the white border and black background actually looks better than normal though the black world baloons make them look like supervillains.

    Pseudoedit: This would be a great meta-joke – inverting colours of a comic changes voices too, not just colours.

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