Operation Karate Bullets Pt. 1

April 17, 2009

A new story!  This one’ll be a white-knuckle, full-throttle adrenaline rush that will kick your ass from here to Timbuktu and back again where you’ll pay for the whole seat BUT YOU’LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE.

Either that, or it’ll be an amusing series of comic strips.

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  1. legumious says:

    I am pleased

  2. Pizzasgood says:

    As if he didn’t get enough bad publicity with the ‘roids, now he’s going to be a terrorist’s accomplice.

    If we could get Ordog to pay a visit to my campus once per year, the morning walk to class would be much more pleasant. Well, except for the debris I suppose.

  3. MrGBH says:

    To quote Excel Saga;
    Explosions solve everything.

  4. Zt107 says:

    Ordog is now back on the most wanted list with Herman being dragged on the ride.

    Survey people watch out!

  5. Tekeeler says:

    Wow I feel so dull just saying ‘no’ to survey people now….

  6. Brian V says:

    yes. just yes.

  7. Flapjack says:


  8. Mary says:

    Wow. The description was almost funnier than the actual comic.

  9. Chefs brian says:

    Is it just me, or did Ordog end up snapping his foot around backwards? it’s pointing at his butt. this should be awesome….

  10. Trypno01 says:

    I always had an inkling that Ordog was holding back, perhaps he is an action hero who’s ass kickery rivals even that of Chuck Norris?

  11. MaddogExplosive says:

    As an English major, that “BUT YOU’LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE” is the best piece of literature I’ve seen all month. Well done.

  12. Ryon says:

    You’re really starting to take this comic in a good direction with the surrealism of this strip and more so the previous.

    I assume they now crack open a Mountain Dew and face the bear with steely gazes?

  13. Alex says:

    … what.

  14. Godbot says:

    You need to work that veritably awesometastic description into the actual comic somehow. Maybe the next one.

    Narrated by Ordog. During a very low-speed car chase.

  15. addison says:

    Old man’s a badass.

  16. jake says:

    notice in the fourth pannle ordogs feet are backwards

  17. Crestlinger says:

    I work with veterans that have the potential to have this mindset, fortunately the nurses keep them on the good drugs, and isolated.

  18. lizzel says:

    directed by Michael Bay

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