OKB Pt.4. Garbage Day

April 27, 2009

If there’s anything this story is teaching us, it’s that people can do everything in real life that they do in the movies and to believe everything you see.

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  1. Leon says:

    This storyline is SO awesome.

  2. dragonlock-1 says:

    … … STOP MURDERIING best line ever!

  3. Madvillain says:

    hahahah this is brilliant; the last frame with Herman looked exactly like my friend- almost uncanny, he says most of his jokes like that.

  4. Madvillain says:

    I mean Herman in the last frame.

  5. MrGBH says:

    There’s one for the Mythbusters.

  6. Zt107 says:


  7. Adam says:

    LOL “Its time to take out the trash” best quote ever.

  8. Flapjack says:

    I love how Ordog`s arm just fly limply behind him in the first panel but then……SUPER ORDOG!!!

    That has got to be the best thing ever!
    I gotta see one of Ordog`s movies one of these days!

  9. ThatLoser says:

    I love this series more than I can possibly say.

  10. Jackie-O says:


  11. Dylan says:

    Funniest line in anything ever? “Freeze! US Conspiracy Department!” Gets my vote every time.

  12. Trey says:

    man, i hope this story never dies… so many funny things happening. Mr. Wendzel, sir- you sir are a genius, sir. Sir.

  13. Dierna says:

    Wow.. that’s one mighty sharp Trash Can lid….

  14. addison says:

    Old guy dresses like a woman and has a glass eye. Seriously.

  15. BWAHAHAHAHA! I’m going to have to fight the urge not to yell ‘STOP MURDERING!’ every time I see an action movie from now on.

  16. Eurihachiko says:

    OMG this nearly made me burst out laughing so hard in my class (that would’ve been bad). This comic just keeps getting better and better, I love it!!

  17. ShADe says:

    OMFG i just started reading ur comic, it is quite possibly the MOST FUNIEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!
    “STOP MURDERING!!!” BEST QUOTE EVER. if u say otherwise, ur a son of a monkeywhore

  18. “STOP MURDERIING!” may be the finest line in the history of web-comicery.

  19. Zt107 says:

    Pickup Monday 8 A.M.
    Lol wonder whats next

  20. seb says:

    still funny as hell…

  21. caroline says:

    i am totally all over herman’s crazy catchphrases.
    STOP MURDERING! it’s been a bumpy ride, but i’ve come to enjoy the art and the quiet humor.

  22. Rainbow-Nunchuks says:

    Haha when Ordog runs his arms flail behind him lol

  23. William says:

    The next link is broken.

  24. J-White says:

    Is the link forward from this page for the next-most-recent comic broken, or is it just my stupid computer?

  25. Alex says:

    I just fixed it! I don’t know how, but I finally fixed it! Yaaaay!

  26. Dexter says:


    (Anyone else remember that movie? Just me? Oh well.)

  27. Chibiman says:

    Ahhh, taking off a man’s head with a trash can lid. Oh the memories this brings back.

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