2. They Can Also Survive Nukes

November 21, 2008

If it hasn’t become clear to you in the first two strips, Herman is not a bright man.

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  1. Trevory says:

    Panel 2: the first Indiana Jones, right?

  2. sejemaset says:

    raiders of the lost ark yes, and i think this strip just sold me on the comic (i clicked a banner ad a minute ago)

  3. Cody says:

    Reminds me of the answers Calvin’s dad would give in Calvin & Hobbes.

  4. seb says:

    You people are geniuses, the strip writers and commenters…

  5. Tommo says:

    just like cockroaches.

    Hehe, he smokes a pipe. With bubbles.

    This comic is made of win right here.

  6. Flapjack says:

    No wonder Thimrod is such an idiot. XD

  7. M. Void says:

    When the son speaks, in my head he sounds like the boy from King of the Hill. And Herman… I don’t think I can quite place his accent in my head yet.

  8. llallogan says:

    I came across with this photo:
    and the guy was freakin familiar….do you possibly designed Hermann after Joe DiMaggio?

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