AFD Pt. 7: They Call Him the Lionshark

July 8, 2009


storyline started here.

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  1. Riot says:

    GOOD GOD! What kind of loser atheltic manager hangs out in a competative eating event?!

    Side note. I’m not really sure where this is going, but it’s just odd enough for me to keep watching.

  2. BeenThere says:

    Don’t forget, not all scouts are out to help talent to get started. Some scouts are out to see how much money they can get out of suckers who think they have talent. And Thimrods family is a perfect target. Look at Daddy. Not to bright, willing to throw money away.

  3. Nurian says:

    BeenThere, I think you’re right. Plus we know Thimrod isn’t the world’s leading intellectual light.

  4. leo says:

    i chuckled at your comic, but i lol’d for a full 30 seconds at this for some reason. i don’t even know why. and this was after going through my morning roundup of all my other 15 webcomics i rss to.

  5. DMB says:

    I love detail you put into all the people in the crowd. They look realy realistic.

  6. Ryguy987 says:

    Good comic though why in the holy mother of f### would a sports agent be doing at a f###ing hot dog eating competition. I mean, is moronic stuff like this the key circle of athletics?

  7. MrGBH says:

    Federer is a very good tennis player. But more money could be made from Murray with how wild Britain went for him when he actually started winning.

  8. Thomas says:

    My money’s on Altman, sitting next to Thurman.


  9. Zt107 says:

    Looks like an FBI agent going after them for OKB

  10. niXtuff says:

    This arc is going great! I cant wait till thimrod falls flat on his face


  11. Rainbow-Nunchuks says:

    So ummm wheres penny been? haven’t seen Penny in a while.Wonder what shes been up to……

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