Wheelchair Uzi: Part One, Origin of The Beginning (1986)

September 2, 2009

Despite the “Part One”, this is not the beginning of another story arc, unfortunately.

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  1. Chamberino says:

    Ordog’s got himself some spiffy pants right there.

  2. Matt says:

    The last panel made me think of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRS90V8BQGo

  3. Dylan says:

    Does anyone else want there to be a part two? Because I sure do.

  4. scuba cat says:

    hes got no fingers how can he fire his guns?

  5. Zt107 says:

    Id watch it

  6. Fodali says:

    Ordog`s THA MAN!

  7. Nick says:

    Since that we will probally never know the true ending off this movie. (sadly enough)
    I will make an alternate ending to this to satisfy you all.

    *inserts huge explosion*

    There you go.

    Love this one :p

  8. Thomas says:

    He has a Tommy Gun for a leg.
    I approve.

  9. Dragonizer says:

    I would pay to watch these. All of these. In a row.

  10. Aroinak says:

    I do assume you were TRYING to make him look like “Scorpio” from Dirty Harry. Assuming you were, you pulled it off very well. If you weren’t, well… you did anyway.
    Also, I do love how the sky turns from blue to red when the villain reveals something dramatically like that in every action movie ever.

  11. What happens when he has to… you know… number 1?

    Oh dear lord…

    What about NUMBER 2?!

  12. George says:

    You are insane, my friend. That’s a great quality for a cartoonist. Hilarious strip! :D

  13. Chibiman says:

    I knew it I KNEW these movies had to be so metal they couldn’t get through airport security! I’ll take the whole boxed set please!

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