Guest Comic: Jen Vaughn

December 26, 2009

What’s this?  I didn’t draw this!!!

Oh, that’s right.  A bunch of comickers here at the Rampage Network did a Secret Santa thing where we exchanged guest art for each other.  This is what I got!  Isn’t it shiny?  Anyway, if you really HAVE to see a new comic strip drawn by me, you can head on over to Jen’s comic, Mermaid Hostel, and check out the strip I drew for her.  She’s new to this crazy webcomic world, but I think she’s off to a great start with her strip.  It’s about the troubles of the staff of a youth hostel under da sea(sebastian voice).  I’d encourage y’all to check out the other strips in her archive- all seven of them.

Also, if any of you missed the extra updates this week, remember that I did comics on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and today.  The last two strips of the story will run on Tuesday and Thursday of next week.

Have a Kwazy Kwanzaa!

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