Catching Up with Penny and Ordog

January 2, 2010

If this makes no sense, read this comic.


(Yes, I know the “official”decade  begins in 2011, but nobody cares.)

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  1. Gingerlink says:

    I never got why some people say the “official decade begins in 2011 etc…”. You start from 0 years wise, there’s no issue in starting from 0 at all..

  2. legumious says:

    Well there was really only one opportunity for the counting of years to start at 0…and they started at 1 instead. 2011 is the first year in the decade (2010+1) and 2020 will be the last (2010+10).

  3. Gingerlink says:

    who says they started at 1 though? For all we know, they could’ve started with 6.

    In fact, the better way to look at it would be the number of years since an arbitrary point, since they probably didn’t start numbering the years until several years later.

    (and yes, this comment thread is now, no doubt, going to become an argument about this)

  4. Andrew says:

    Of course decades are just easier to number when you consider the “0″ year the first. Think about it. Is it not just easier to refer to the 1990s by including 1990 as the first year (and, obviously 1999 as the last)?

    Of course it is all irrelevant anyway. The modern calendar took a long time to develop. Years did not always have the same amount of days. Some had more, some had less. This completely defeats where ever they may have started.

    And most importantly, our calendar is really just a completely arbitrary way to organize events. New Year’s is simply an arbitrary point in Earth’s orbit (and not even the same point every year thanks to leap years and other variances). They could have chosen some other random point and we would be celebrating it all the same.

    Oh, I enjoyed the comic, too!

  5. Dragonizer says:

    Oh no, not the Box Voice! Medic!

  6. Baughbe says:

    If the calendar year issue is confusing, just do as I do and stick to the Mayan calendar. Today is 14-Kankin, 12-Cib

  7. Spenser says:

    Right, but if you listen to that, the world ends really soon. So I prefer to use the time-traveler method

    It’s 14 PC (Pre-crisis) in core reality 1 (Interwebz)

  8. Mechanical says:

    Seems Penny AND Ordog know they’re in a comic… I thought it was just Penny.

    Or at least Ordog is aware enough to know where the voices come from…

  9. Mike says:

    I prefer to think that Ordog is just senile, and through an unlikely series of coincidences his senile ravings line up exactly with the little yellow boxes.

  10. legumious says:

    Andrew is so dumb I hate his face

    …what comic?

  11. Alex says:

    Ordog can hear the voices and see the boxes, but otherwise doesn’t see any other indication that the comic exists. Plus, he’s senile, so even if he did see everything, he wouldn’t be able to put the pieces together.

    Also, it’s just a joke.

  12. Phailer says:

    Ordog’s crazy hairs seem to only appear every other panel.

  13. Rem says:

    As much as I hate to bring religion into this, there’s no denying that our year numbering refers to the alleged birth date of a certain Mr.Christ, even though it was devised 525 years later. After all, 2010 AD means “2010 anno domini”, i.e. it’s the “two thousand and tenth year of the Lord”.

    Now you have to go back and ask yourself: what was the first year of the Lord? The first year of the Lord was the time between the moment when the Lord was born and the Lord’s turning 1 year old. That was the first year of his life, the first year of the Lord, or 1 AD.

    When the Lord turned two, 2 AD ended. When the Lord turned three, 3 AD ended. When the Lord turned ten, 10 AD ended, and thus ended the first decade of his life. Assuming the Lord lived on to this day, the 201st decade of his life would end, when 2010 ends – not when it starts.

    Please note that I am not making any statements regarding whether Jesus actually existed, who he was, what he was or even when his exact birth date is supposed to have been. The above reasoning is only concerned with the creation of the date system and contains no religious claim whatsoever.

  14. legumious says:

    You’re being very religious Rem! You’re oppressing my own ambiguous and fairly transparent religion/tax evasion scheme! If you wanted to avoid offending people, you would have opted to concoct a hypothetical wherein time was in metric, David Tennant was still a Time Lord, and the numbering of years found its origins in the birth of Speckles The Fox. Speckles is a fox whose parents have died. His best friend is a hunting dog named Copper. As Copper grows up, he learns that it is his job to hunt foxes. Speckles’ caretaker Widow Tweed takes Speckles to live in a game preserve where he falls madly in love with Vixey. Copper and his owner eventually enter the preserve to hunt Speckles, and eventually Copper must decide between duty and friendship. Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide

    Aw sweet! There’s a comic at the top of the page! I love Ordog!

  15. Spenser says:

    I always thought you guys used C.E (Common Era) and B.C.E (Before Common Era)??

  16. Rem says:

    Actually, I’m very atheistic. Something I do believe in, though, is that arguments over religiousness are futile, thus I’m trying to avoid them. Speckles The Fox is, indeed, a much more suited discussion topic.

  17. Mechanical says:

    ‘Also, it’s just a joke.’

    I know. Anything to avoid the whole 2010/2011 is the first year of the decade argument again… :P

  18. Alex says:

    Ahahahaha legumious you’re the best

  19. Lazarus says:

    I remember being taught in Classical Studies that the base date of Jesus’ birth is strongly considered to be off by three years.

    In terms of music decades I’d say the zilchies or whatever it comes to be called is over, and the new decade has begun.

  20. Sul says:

    Your comic’s rule man. Most of the time breaking the fourth wall sucks ass, but you. you’ve turned it into a beautiful art style. It just fits right in. Very few can do that.

    Hope you have a happy new year

  21. Ramon says:

    Oh Noes!!!!!! MR VOICE IN THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why???!!! Ordog, oh why?!!!!!

  22. Cyrus says:

    I think I will forever be in suspense, wondering what the original punchline to this comic would have been without Ordog’s murderous intervention.

  23. JET73L says:

    Cyrus: I think it was just chatting, no punchline included.

    Text-box narrator: Quick, get further down the page! He can still shoot toward the fourth wall!

  24. rth says:

    It’s simple. Really. The decade starts at “year zero” and once an entire year elapses there is “1″ year.

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