The Eyes Have It

January 16, 2010


See ya Tuesday.

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  1. Stonefoot says:

    Ha! Zeroth! Since this went up at 3:31 and I’m replying at 3:08 I’m before 1st.
    Or are you still on Daylight Savings?

  2. Stonefoot says:

    I guess so, since your system says my comment went in at 4:08. Or it could be on Atlantic time, not Eastern. So, not zeroth – I’ll settle for first. ;-)

    Oh, and great strip!

  3. Ramon says:

    Hahaha i would expect them to notice by the sound of the voice, but then again…. there is no voice o.0

    I love comic world rules

  4. Spenser says:

    What really makes it shine is the fact that they thought it was Kate based on eye color (or so I feel led to assume)

    Which begs the question: If it’s completely dark, how do they see eye color?
    Comic rules :P

  5. B0Bo says:

    Everyone knows that in cartoons, all you can see when it’s dark are people’s eyes, and that you can see them exceptionally well. I believe that’s cartoon rule #374.

  6. B0Bo says:

    But I should add, I never knew this also applied to webcomics ;)

  7. Ramon says:

    Maybe Alex is expecting a cartoon contract in the future and preparing. :D

  8. Avatar_Sucked938 says:

    Nice Beatles reference. Was gonna say when first read but just assumed somebody else already had!

  9. Crestlinger says:

    Bear trap under the window would serve better.

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