Penny Saver Pt. 1

January 28, 2010

A new story! Oh joy of joys!  See you Saturday.

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  1. Coyote Trax says:

    He won’t win her over with a messy t-shirt. Look! It’s got apple pie all over it.

  2. Dylan says:

    Is his plan… To stab her with knives?

    Loved the shirt. =D

  3. Ramon says:

    A plan so devious, it is destined not to fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Guy says:

    Wow. People write something that has sense here. Weird.

  5. Dejah says:

    This can’t end well. Looking forward to it! ^^

  6. Alice says:

    OMG! I want an apple pi t-shirt!

  7. mr.clueless says:

    That is such an awesome shirt, I googled apple pi shirt. This one looks the best though, you should seriously sell some of them.

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  9. Zt107 says:

    I have an odd compusive urge to poke out Eddie’s eyes with a stick in that last panel.

  10. Neil Russell says:

    Looks like Eddie is going to be camera shopping to make the next big slasher epic

  11. Spenser says:

    Go, you valiant young man! You have my sword! (Or knife)

  12. Kaz says:

    Thurman’s ignoring is being ignored…twice

  13. Donaldo says:

    Alex my hat is off to you. I have followed “Out at Home” for some time. Not only is it one of about ten funny comics (period), it is also very well drawn. Tell you the truth I’m shocked at how much progress you’ve shown in just two years.

    This comic is nothing short of amazazing.

    BTW- I hope someday to see some of the movies mentioned in your comics. They sound pretty interesting.

  14. BillJ says:

    Alex, I’ve enjoyed your strip for a long time (though I’ve never commented before), and I gotta say, you’re art has come along wonderfully! I really like the light and shading you used in this post, as well as your use of perspective.

    Evidently art school has been a good investment!

  15. Maarvarq says:

    Be afraid, be very afraid…

  16. Vidra says:

    I thought I was the only guy in the world who puts so much stupid/funny text on the characters t-shirt. I even had a scientist-inventor-teacher character who had a t-shirt making machine in his basement (Copyright!!! :D ) … but this apple pie… oh my, that’s just genius :D

  17. Ramon says:

    Ya know………i just re read it, and i suddenly feel a gut spiking feeling that hes gonna try to reenact a certain banned movie, and fail miserably.

  18. Aroinak says:

    I concur with the above. Alex, your art is phenominal, your comic is genuinely funny, and I just overall love reading it. Way to go, man. Also: Kate’s face in the second panel is priceless. Just pure awesome.

  19. James says:

    Man if I was going to have the hots for a comic character, it would be Penny… those freckles… Awesome.

  20. JET73L says:

    “No! I thought the knife-wielding knives were after me… But they only wanted to get through me to slaughter my kniiiiiives!”

  21. bark says:

    I want an apple pi shirt.I also want to watch that movie.I havent watched it,but the first three were alright,and Knife Slaughter 4 was awesome.Loved the part where the leader of the Knives was shot & brought back to life.That scene had the BEST.SPECIAL.EFFECTS.EVER.

    Also,yaaay!Somewhat/sliiightly closer to being caught up!

  22. bark says:

    (obviously the only guy weilding a gun was stabbed to death 3.1415 seconds after shooting anything.)

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