PS Pt. 18: Just Like That!

March 13, 2010

Nother comic Tuesday dinnertime! Come see it!

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  1. bioman250 says:

    i don’t get the last to panels i mean penny seems like she has a realisation after what the bodyguard says but yeah i don’t get it any way the fight is funny

  2. 10thousandlives says:

    Hehe, Penny’s face in the last column is priceless.

  3. ChibiRico says:

    @Bioman250 It think it’s because Herman was the one who paid (via Bob) the ”bodyguard” to watch over Penny and Kate.

    And yeah, like 10thousandlives said, Penny’s face is priceless (lol) in the last pannel.

  4. Rabid Turkey says:

    herman actually punched someone? wow, i thought he was off the ‘roids

  5. SC says:

    My guess is that originally, Penny just thought the bodyguard screwed up and let the bad guys get the jump on them…and until he spoke, she didn’t hear him walking up next to her. The little bursting-bubble effect and the funny expression are a sort of double-take as she realizes she reflexively made it two sentences into an agreeable conversation with the guy who betrayed them, before realizing what happened.

  6. Baughbe says:

    It’s just like where I work. Government jobs are the pits.

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