PS Pt. 23: Count Down The Days

March 25, 2010

And so it ends! The longest story I’ve done, mostly because I had to put in a few extra strips when I realized some plot points made no sense.

Minis on Saturday then one-offs for a while- probably going to take a longer break before the next storyline.

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  1. The Dark Sheep says:

    We’ll make sure this comic is still running in 9 years, so Eddie needn’t worry about that :P .

  2. Sanitycheck says:

    > And so it ends! The longest story I’ve done, mostly because I had to
    > put in a few extra strips when I realized some plot points made no sense.

    Um, Alex? They still don’t. But in a good way.

  3. Jessica says:

    Penny is a fourth-wall smashing badass.

  4. Alex says:

    Fine, LESS sense then.

  5. Baughbe says:

    Anticipation, an..tic…a…paaaaation, it’s making me wait. It’s keeping me wa–a–aiting. But in a weird way.

  6. ewiryh says:

    Looove Penny’s expression at the last panel! Lmao :D

  7. Stonefoot says:

    Made perfectly good sense to me, but then so did… uh, never mind.

    And to ewiryh: Yes! Excellent.

  8. Soul says:

    I love the last panel :D

  9. Ryguy987 says:

    I know this is probably along the lines of nitpicking but isn’t Penny around sixteen years-old?
    Beside from that, nice comic strip and certainly one of the longer ones. Look forward to more of the fourth-wall smashing badassery that is Penny. Also, what Penny doesn’t seem to realize is that it’s possible for a web comic to go on for ridiculous amounts of time. Prime examples are “Penny-Arcade” and “Cyanide & Happiness” (not positive with that second one).

  10. Alex says:

    Yeah, I know. And I certainly hope I’ll be doing this for at least nine more years! I love my characters and I know I’ll be doing things with them for a long time to come :) oh, and Cyanide & happiness started in 2005, but Goats, PVP, User Friendly, Sluggy Freelance, Superosity, Kevin and Kell, and Jerkcity have all been running for at least ten years. Is it… weird that I knew that offhand, even with the ones i don’t read?

    (I am a nerd)

  11. Scezumin says:

    I am totally emailing you, Mr. comic creator, in 9 years.

  12. Kaotik4266 says:

    I love Penny more and more with every comic she’s in! :)

  13. Maarvarq says:

    Like many others, Penny is my favourite character, and only partly for her merry fourth-wall smashing. Note however that Penny’s promise falls due in nine years of comic book time which could be 50 years of mundane time ;)

  14. Maarvarq says:

    Bother, stuffed up the link. Would you believe

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  16. Pyradonis says:

    This is only the second time I leave a comment under one of your (as always, hilarious) comic strips – just to tell you, I’ll be looking for this date in nine years!

  17. Crestlinger says:

    March 25 2010. 9 years from that date= March 25th 2019, or 3285 days. well 2832 days now.

  18. Zephi says:

    I love Penny, but Kate is my favorite actually. I love her snark and her delightful blue/black hair blue eyes combo. That has always been my favorite comic aesthetic for a character. But Then my favorite comic character is Nightcrawler (SHUTUP I KNOW HIS EYES ARE NOT BLUE!)

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